Official Nikon, Canon & Profoto service centre Nikon authorised repairs
We support our sales of Nikon, Canon and Profoto equipment with courtesy stock, so you can buy from Fixation with confidence, knowing that in the unlikely event of a problem under warranty we will provide you with an equivalent replacement whilst we rectify the problem.
.    We repair all professional and high-end amateur SLR camera systems for both Nikon and Canon.
.    We can perform most warranty repairs on site.
.    We give rapid diagnosis of faults and free estimates.
.    Same-day Sensor cleaning for Nikon & Canon
.    Our technicians have over 120 years combined experience in servicing to the highest possible standards.
.    Our turnaround times for repairs are unsurpassed - we aim for 2-4 days subject to workload, sometimes quicker if necessary. Current average repair times are on the right.
.    We have excellent transport access and parking facilities, or fully insured despatch services if you cannot visit us in person. Next-day delivery within the UK is usually available if arranged by 2pm
.    If our administration staff are unable to answer your technical issues adequately, our technicians are available to discuss faults and servicing requirements with you, to advise you on technical problems, and to discuss special modifications (See special modifications section below)
.    Subject to status, hire equipment may be available during repair period.
Current turnaround time
Canon: 3-4 working days
Nikon:  6 working days
Profoto: 3 working days
Aquatech: 3 working days
Estimated completion time subject to spares availability following proceed of estimate
Guide prices Contact us about repairs
For more information about our repair service
please contact us on 020 7582 3294 or email
Guide service prices excluding VAT. These prices are just a guide. We cost all jobs individually, and can also undertake fault-only repairs.
We can carry out warranty repairs to ANY of the above listed models on site, upon provision of proof of date of purchase in the form of a UK or European purchase invoice. Please note that we are normally unable to carry out warranty repairs to equipment purchased outside the EU.
Warranty repairs
At Fixation, we specialise in helping our customers solve their problems, and have developed a number of modifications.
Nikon Teleconverters; TC14E and TC20E teleconverters are designed to only fit on AFI and AFS series lenses. Experience and customer feedback show these modern converters to be optically superior to the older manual teleconverters, and we are able to modify them to fit onto older AF and manual telephoto lenses, and AF80-200mm f2.8 lenses. The auto-focus function is lost, but full metering telemetry is retained. The modification also enables Nikon teleconverters to be "stacked" together. We charge £25 plus VAT for this work, but if you buy your teleconverter from Fixation, we will do the work free of charge.
Canon EOS 5D Mk II/7D Mode Dial replacement: We can fit a new modification for the EOS 7D and 5D Mark II that replaces the older mode dial with a classic locking dial to stop any mode setting changes without the depression of the release. This costs £79 + VAT for both the 5D mark II and the 7D.
AI conversions; Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer the AI conversion service for pre-AI lenses.
Cable Modifications; We are often asked to customise cables for our clients, and the following are examples of what can be achieved.
  1.  lengthening off-camera TTL cables (only available for Nikon)
  2.  lengthening remote cables
  3.  customising remote cables to give foot-pedal release
  4.  splicing multiple remote cables for multi-camera release
  5.  producing camera release cables for Pocket Wizard products

Please contact us on 020 7582 3294 or email
Special modifications and customisations Repair FAQs
Whilst we do our best to inform customers correctly which models we repair at Fixation, we understand that sometimes you may be misdirected to us by other dealers or websites for the repair of models where we do not have the training or resources to do so.  If such models are sent to us, we will either return them to the owner unrepaired for £5 inc. VAT, or subcontract them on to an authorised and qualified repairer for a prepayment of £25.  This is to cover our costs of administration and despatch, and the subcontractors’ refused estimate and shipping charges in the event you do not proceed with the repairs.  Unfortunately, we have previously been left with numerous compact cameras which were uneconomic to repair and which the owners have refused to collect or pay for, leaving us to pay the costs.  
We regret having to take this action, but ask for your understanding and cooperation.  In the event you DO proceed with the repairs, your prepayment will of course be deducted from the normal total repair costs.
Subcontracted repairs Service Turnaround Times - IMPORTANT NOTE
The founding principle of Fixation was to serve professional customers, and this remains our driving ambition. However, it is difficult to turn away those non-professional customers who seek us out, and we do not wish to do so.  But in order to protect and fulfil our promised standards to our core customer-base, we ABSOLUTELY reserve the right to prioritise our work load as we see fit.
We will continue to do our best to offer rapid and efficient turnaround for all customers, but if you are not a professional photographer and/or use non-professional models (Nikon D90 and below, Canon 60D and below) it would be wise to expect turnaround times to normally be around 10 working days.
If you bring us equipment which, for whatever reason, we are unable to repair on-site, turnaround times are completely beyond our control, and anything quicker than 4-5 weeks should not be expected.
We are sorry to have to make this policy declaration, and to be forced to ration our services in order to protect our service standards. Your understanding and tolerance will be much appreciated.
Please note that we do not encourage repairs to be submitted to us from outside the EU.  Upon completion of repairs, we are unable to control, estimate or anticipate the import duties and processing charges of the host country, which, in our experience, can be disproportionately high. If you DO choose to send a repair to us from a non-EU state, we will do our best to complete all necessary documentation accurately, and use UPS for shipping. Further, please note that WE DO NOT ACCEPT EQUIPMENT FOR REPAIR FROM THE USA. This is a condition placed on us by our insurers under the current terms of our business insurance.
Repairs from non-EU states
Insurance Claims
We work closely with a number of insurers so that any claim necessary can be processed quickly and efficiently without extending the length of the repair waiting for correspondence. All you have to do is ensure that when sending us your camera that you mark clearly that the repair will be being claimed on your insurance policy.
We are the official repairer and supplier to the Association of Photographers insurance scheme with Williamson Carson. To contact their brokers for a quote click here.
These are the current Nikon models we are able to repair:
    . Bodies:
D4/D4s, D3/X/S, D2X/S, D2H/S, D810, D800/E, D750, D700, D600, D610, D300s, D300, D200, D40/X, D50, D60, D70/s, D80, D90, D7000, D7100, D7200, D5000, Df
    . Some film bodies subject to spares availability.
    . Lenses; all, except some optical set-ups in newest lenses.
    . Flash; All, subject to spares availability on older models.
    . Scanners; All, except LS4500 multiformat.
Please note that we DO NOT repair Nikon compact cameras - film or digital models including Nikon’s COOLPIX range.
These are the current Canon models we are able to repair:
    New Addition: EOS 7D mark II
    .     Bodies: EOS
  1DX, 1D mk IV, 1D mk III, 1Ds mk III, 5D / mk II / mk III / S / SR
              6D, 7D, 7D mk II, 70D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 100D
              700D, 600D, 550D, 500D, 400D, 450D, 1100D, 1000D, 1V
    .     Limited parts available on older models, ring for details.
    .     Lenses; All, provided parts are still available.
    .     Flash; 430EX II, 580EXII and any other Canon hot-shoe models.
Please note that we DO NOT repair Canon compact cameras - film or digital including Canon’s IXUS and PowerShot ranges - video equipment, scanners, printers, faxes or multi-function printers.
Nikon Lenses
Service/Major Repair      
Sensor Clean
Full Service                      
Sensor Clean
Full Service
Sensor Clean
£110 - 170 + parts
£  55
£  95 - 130 + parts
£  55
£  90 - 110 + parts
£  30
£  35 - 140 + parts
Sensor Cleaning
One of our most popular services is the cleaning of Digital SLR sensors, which by their nature attract dust which can show up on your images.  For detailed information, please  download our sensor cleaning leaflet here or visit our Sensor Cleaning Page.

All Nikon SLRs and 1.6x Canon SLRs can be cleaned while-you-wait, taking between 25 and 45 minutes.
Latest drop-off time for while you wait cleaning: 4.30pm Mon-Thurs    4.00pm on Friday afternoon.
Canon full frame cameras must be brought in to Fixation before 9 AM for same day cleaning. Cameras brought in before 9AM will be complete for collection by 4PM on the same day. Any cameras that arrive after 9 AM will be completed by 4 PM the following working day.
If you are unable to visit us or to be without your camera whilst we clean it for you there are products available for cleaning the sensor yourself. Contact our sales team on 0207 582 3294 for further information on equipment available.
Canon authorised repairs Important information for Non-UK customers
    We are unable to take payment on credit or debit cards that are registered to an address outside of the United Kingdom. Customers who are resident overseas or who would like to pay from an account not registered within the UK will be required to make payments via a bank transfer.
    Please be aware that transfers may take a few days to clear and it is important to check with your bank how long this will take as we will not release any equipment until the full amount has cleared.
Quantum authorised repairs
We offer repairs on most Quantum flash units and battery packs. Please feel free to email for confirmation that do have service facilities available for your model.
Some turbo packs require updates to work with the latest flash models. If this is the case we will send your battery pack to the UK distributor for upgrading.
Canon EOS 1D series etc
Canon EOS 5D/ mkII/ mkIII    
Canon EOS 40D/50D/60D/7D                  
Canon Lenses        
£110 - 200 + parts
£  30 - £55 (for 1Ds/x)
£160          + parts
£  55  
£120          + parts
£  30
£  35 - 150 + parts
Breathe new life into your AI Lenses
In Celebration of the
 Nikon Df and as a reminder that Nikon AI lenses can still be used on current professional Nikon bodies we’re offering a reduction on re-lubricating Nikon Prime AI Lenses. Our technicians will strip down and clean your lenses, removing any dust or grit that has accumulated, and re-lubricate the focus mechanism for smooth and consistent manual focussing. Re-lubrication of manual lenses is now only £55 plus VAT
Prices listed do not include VAT which will be added at 20%
Please see below for more information about sensor cleaning and our same-day sensor cleaning service.
Student Discount We offer 10% discount on labour charges with a valid Student Union or University Registration card.
Service/Major Repair      
Sensor Clean
Full Service                      
Sensor Clean
Full Service
Sensor Clean
Important Canon Sub-Contract Notice
We can sub-contract Canon items to the Canon UK service centre on your behalf however this is subject to our sub-contract terms detailed further down this page.
Any item returned un-repaired from Canon UK or scrapped will cost at least £30 plus VAT since Canon changed their terms of service in 2012. Items with liquid or impact damage will carry and RUR charge of £60 plus VAT.
Canon have a fixed-price repair system and in most cases we will be able to give an accurate service estimate before we send your item away. However if the repair cost is higher than Canon’s fixed service system then we will be provided with an estimate and the RUR charges above will apply.