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28 Years | The Fixation Showcase

October & November sees the East London photography festival, Photomonth come to Fixation. An exclusive showcase featuring iconic images spanning over 40 years will be on display in our reception. These prints have been generously donated over the years from our customers and we’re proud to celebrate their art and diversity.

© Trevor Jones - St Moritz, Swizerland.

© Trevor Jones.
The St Moritz race, on the frozen lake in Swizerland.

The images cover an eclectic range of subjects, from front page news, Wimbledon finals and arctic wildlife, to Royal weddings, London riots and political resignations.

Photographers include: Alex Yeung, Anthony Steiger, Arthur Edwards, Cherry Alexander, Chris Laurens, David Hoffman, Edward Whitaker, Gary Trotter, Ivor Ginsberg, Jeremy Gilbert, John Nicholson, John Walton, Jon Downing, Jon Stilwell, Justin Sutcliffe, Laurie Asprey, Les Wilson, Levon Biss, Louise Murray, Mark Alan, Mark Lloyd, Mark Pain, Michael Cole, Mike St-Maur Sheil, Neale Haynes, Nick Garbutt, Nigel Snowdon, Patrick Gosling, Patrick Lauson, Peter Hince, Peter McDiarmid, Phil Loftus, Roger Bamber, Roger Hooper, Ross Halfin, Sandra Lousada, Simon Grosset, Steve Bloom, Tim Graham and Trevor Jones.

© Nick Garbutt - Polar Bear at Sunset in Hudson's Bay Canada, 2009.

© Nick Garbutt.
Polar Bear at Sunset in Hudson’s Bay Canada, 2009.

Opening times | 3rd October to 30th November | Mon-Thu 8am – 5pm, Fri 8am – 4pm
For directions of how to find us visit our find-us page.

For more information visit the Photomonth website.