Canon EOS 1DX mark III in development

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Canon EOS 1DX mark III development announced

Canon has announced development of the EOS 1D-X mark III: the next flagship Canon camera body and the successor to the EOS 1DX mark II. Designed for speed and accuracy the EOS 1DX mark III will be a full frame DSLR camera with some technologies adopted from recent mirrorless releases. The EOS 1DX mark III will showcase the greatest technical developments to date from Canon. Designed for professional photographers the EOS 1DX series have been the standard body for professional sports, wildlife and press photographers working across the world. We expect to see the new body push the boundaries of speed in low light, autofocus and data transmission performance. Join us as we explore the details released this morning.

Update 7/01/2020: Full camera details released here. You have the very first chance to look at the new camera in our London Showroom on the 15th and 16th of January.

Auto focus

Canon states that the EOS 1DX mark III offers a “step change in autofocus” with a new AF algorithm, a new AF sensor and phase-detection pixels on the imaging sensor. What do these changes mean?
– The Dual Pixel CMOS AF gives live view users 525 autofocus areas by delivering phase detection focus on the imaging sensor itself. These sensors cover 90 x 100 percent of the image area and phase-detection is a faster AF technology than contrast detection.
– The new phase detection AF sensor which is independent to the imaging sensor and sits beneath the mirror on modern DSLR bodies, has 28x the resolution of its predecessor in the EOS 1DX mark II. The focus of this improvement is in the centre of the imaging area.
– The improved algorithm runs on data from both the new AF sensor and the Dual Pixel CMOS sensor AF points to deliver continuous AF and AE metering during continuous shooting – up to 16fps using the optical viewfinder and up to 20frames per second in live-view with an electronic or mechanical shutter.
– The AF ON
These three technologies combined mean that no matter how fast the action you are shooting, the EOS 1DX mark III focus will keep pace.

Data transfer

Canon EOS 1DX series camera bodies are in the hands of sports photographers every day in stadia around the world. To compete in today’s digital imaging market images from major events have to be sent to picture desks as quickly as possible to beat the competition. The 1DX mark III makes image transfer easy: The body can send images direct via the ethernet port at twice the speed of the EOS 1DX mark II using FTP transfer from camera. The EOS 1DX mark III has a built-in wifi transmitter for file transfer to local devices, ideal for news-gathering on the move. The new WFT-E9 wireless file transmitter boosts the wifi speed to double that of the EOS 1DX mark II. Canon states that the network setup has been simplified to enhance the professional workflow.

New sensor and imaging processor

Canon develop and produce a new imaging sensor and image processors for the EOS 1DX mark III. The camera will also use new CFast Express cards for the fastest data rates. This processing power and high card speed will allow for longer bursts of continuous raw shooting before shooting slows. The data rate will also allow the EOS 1DX mark III to record 4k video at 60p, 10bit c-log internal recording and RAW video recording.

We are really excited about this new announcement from Canon and cannot wait for more news to come through. At the moment the body is in development taking on feedback from the EOS 1DX and 1DX mark II community worldwide plus real-world testing. For the latest news from Fixation sign up to our Newsletter. If you would like your name down early for an EOS 1DX mark III please contact the sales team on 020 7582 3294 or email to be added to our waiting list.

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