Canon EOS R5 in Development

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Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 in Development

This morning Canon confirmed the development of the EOS R5, a professional mirrorless camera body. The manufacturer has reaffirmed their commitment to developing the EOS R series with the announcement of the new body and news of more RF lenses coming soon.

The Canon EOS R5 is being developed with customer feedback from the R series, and the needs of professional photographers and videographers in mind. In this announcement Canon has revealed an impressive feature set combining speed, high resolution, in-body image stabilisation and 8K video recording.
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Canon EOS R5: What we know.

Canon aim to appeal to a broad spectrum of professionals from wedding to wildlife photographers with a “step change in performance.” The body will be mirrorless and use a full-frame imaging sensor.


Canon have not stated the resolution in their press release but the manufacturer has confirmed 8K video. A sensor that records 8K video requires approximately 33 megapixels. Canon is the first manufacturer to announce 8K video in a mirrorless body.

Dual Card Slots

The Canon EOS R5 will have dual card slots. Dual card slots allow for in-camera backup, or extended storage capacity and the feature is long standing requirement in professional cameras. Canon has not revealed what card technology they will use yet.


The Canon EOS R5 will shoot at burst rates up to 12 frames per second with the mechanical shutter and 20 frames per second with the electronic shutter. Ideal for capturing action.

Image Stabilisation – In Body

In-Body Image Stabilisation will make your shots steadier with any lens. The EOS R5 image stabilisation will work in combination with lens stabilisation systems to ensure shake-free stills and video capture.

Image Transfer

Photographers will be able to transfer images automatically from the camera to a new cloud platform making it easy to view content on other devices.

Canon RF Lens development announcement

Canon are developing nine RF lenses scheduled for release in 2020. These include a telephoto zoom lens and two compatible teleconverters. Find out about the benefits of RF lenses in our RF versus EF article.

Confirmed by Canon this morning:

Canon RF 100-500mm f4.5-7.1 L IS USM
Canon Extender RF 1.4x
Canon Extender RF 2x

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