Repair service turnaround times

Repair service turnaround times

You can find our current turnaround times for common issues for each make of equipment we service on our repair services page. They typically range from two working days and upwards, depending on demand and the supply of spare parts.

In order to adhere to our founding principle of serving professional photographers, we reserve the right to prioritise our workload as we see fit, which may occasionally mean non-professional customers will have to wait slightly longer for repairs.

If you bring us equipment that, for whatever reason, we are unable to repair on-site, turnaround times are beyond our control. You will be advised of the expected wait on an individual case basis.

Please note that we maintain stocks of commonly used parts for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Profoto and AquaTech, but spares for less common models, rarely used parts or very expensive parts for older models are usually ordered when needed. We order spares from Nikon, Canon and Sony at least twice per week, so the exact time to complete your repair may vary. For parts available from stock, Nikon spares arrive next day, Canon and Sony in 2-3 days. Parts not available from stock normally arrive in 2-3 weeks from central European stocks. We do not receive estimated delivery dates for parts not available from stock.

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