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Fixation Team | Service & Support

Our Service & Support team handle the booking in of repairs and answer the many calls we receive each day.


Before starting at Fixation in 2012, Melanie spent 17 years managing Nikon UK’s Service Support, so there’s little she doesn’t know about camera faults and repair processes. Her biggest claim to fame is that she studied Media Studies at Uni alongside Charlie Brooker and previous jobs include being a Deaf Facilitator for a GCSE student and a Law Clerk for the Crown Prosecution Service (the other CPS!) She also worked a long stint as a barmaid in a rough pub that taught her lots about customer handling. She’s had one of her photos published on commercial greetings cards and another on the cover of a French birding magazine, but regrets taking fewer photos these days than she would like. She is arguably Fixation’s loudest sneezer and can be prone to uncontrollable fits of giggles. She’s fearless in the face of spiders, but peas give her the heebie-jeebies!



Selfie Queen and Liza Minelli fan, Libby joined Fixation in 2012. She was employed to provide temporary cover whilst Fixation set-up and staffed their depot at the London Olympics, but it turned out so well she ended up staying. Libby had previously attended catering college and worked for a chocolatier and although she would self-deprecatingly describe herself as a failed pastry chef, those who have tasted her banana bread and other treats know that this belies her talents in this area. She has run a Brownie pack for several years and more recently started helping out at a Scout troop. She is very proud to be a positive role model for young girls, teaching them to have confidence in their bodies and abilities and instilling in them the Guiding motto that Girls Can Do Anything!


Charlotte Groves

Charlotte readily admits she is not a morning person and thus her alarm has a well-worn snooze button. Perhaps this comes from her years as a night owl, mixing cocktails and running various London bars and clubs. Despite the intolerance to early mornings, Charlotte is certainly both productive and creative. Since completing her degree in Visual Communications, she has been able to combine her love of travel and meeting indigenous communities with freelance photography projects that have culminated in photobooks and exhibitions, including a display as part of London Photomonth. From the time she joined Fixation in March 2016, Mystic Charlotte (a Capricorn) has wowed colleagues with her ability to guess anyone’s star sign. Sometimes she even gets it right!


Charlotte Seymour

Charlotte is very much a geek in the modern sense of the word. A fan of comic books, cosplay, fantasy and sci-fi, Charlotte is a regular at the annual London Comic Con. Before starting at Fixation in May 2016, Charlotte worked front of house in a bingo hall and still works for Fulham FC on matchdays as an administrator and steward. She completed her photography degree in 2015 and continues to practise the art both personally and professionally. She often spends Sundays at a local leisure centre taking and selling photographs of families enjoying their swim – at least she won’t have far to go to fix any water damage! Although Charlotte feels well-prepared for the Zombie apocalypse, she admits she is terrified of spiders!



Raised on British Army bases in Germany where both her parents taught, Kate returned to the UK in 2007 to undertake her degree in Contemporary Lens Media. After graduating and a summer at Camp America, she spent some months as a photographer’s assistant before joining Fixation’s admin team in July 2011. Her love of Instagram has also made her ideal to oversee Fixation’s social media presence. An ardent hockey player, when she’s not playing she’s often to be found on the side-lines, photographing the action for the team’s website and her favourite way to spend Saturday nights is celebrating a win with her tipple of choice and a game or two of foosball. Kate’s celebrity crush is David Attenborough and it’s no wonder – if it weren’t for him Kate would not have discovered a couple of years ago that dinosaurs were in fact real and not mythical.


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