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Fixation/AOP Junior Assistant Competition Winner, George Baxter

We chat to George Baxter, one of the winners of our junior assistant competition

A portrait photographer, a surf photographer, a videographer, a traveller – George Baxter is many things. And now he can add one to that list: winner of Fixation and AOP’s Junior Assistant competition.

For his fantastic surfing image, George won himself a backpack goody bag filled with everything a budding assistant would need on a shoot, along with a year’s free Junior Assistant subscription to the AOP.

“I always look at each scene and ask myself how I can use the light or the composition to make the viewer feel something about the image.”

We caught up with George to find out a little more about him and his images.

Fixation: Could you tell us a little your winning shot?

George Baxter: This image was shot in Cornwall on the west coast early last year. It seemed like the perfect location for this kind of shoot because of the size of the waves, which is obviously great for surf, and the way they batter the coastline and create this really dramatic scenery. This works really well for as a backdrop to this kind of image.

It was shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark III using underwater housing. The difficulty when working in these conditions is that not only is it cold and physically tiring, but everything is constantly moving, so you have to almost predict what will make a good image by the look of the next set of waves.

© George Baxter

F: Tell us about your photography – you seem to work in a lot of genres! How have you developed your varied skillset?

GB: I love telling stories through my images. Therefore, whether I’m shooting a portrait or a travel piece, I always look at each scene and ask myself how I can use the light or the composition to make the viewer feel something about the image.

I guess this also applies to shooting different genres within photography; if I can tell a story through a portrait then that’s perfect, but if a landscape image will work better for the final output, then I’ll shoot a landscape. This development has come from shooting as much as possible – I just get excited to create new work, and I’m always looking to broaden and improve my skills. You get to meet some really interesting people and have some pretty unforgettable experiences along the way.

© George Baxter

F: How would you describe your style of travel photography? 

GB: I always try and look for unique composition that is best going to tell the story of the place I’m shooting in. I also look to keep the scene as clean and minimal as possible so that it allows me to direct the viewer’s attention. I love to travel and experience different place, cultures and climates and I always try and create images that are going to bring back a particular memory of a place, whether it’s the cold, rugged landscape of a mountain or the dry heat of a desert.

© George Baxter

F: Who are some photographers you admire? Have they influenced your style?

GB: I take a huge amount of inspiration from so many different sources: this could be a piece of music or a film, or equally someone else’s photography. I love the work of both Sam Barker and Sam Robinson – they both have a way of telling a story through the way they photograph each of their subjects, which is something I always try and do in my own work. Bryn Griffiths and Stuart Hall both taught me at University and were, and still are a huge source of inspiration because of their photographic ability but also their knowledge of the industry.

© George Baxter

F: What are you plans for your future career? What do you hope to achieve?

GB: I have a few personal projects that I am really looking forward to sharing. I’d love to shoot more extreme sports portraiture – it combines two things I love in life, being beautiful remote places and photography. I also really want to give more attention to personal projects as well as bigger commissioned projects set by clients. I believe this is really important to ensure that I’m always challenging my creativity and technical abilities. I think this is a really exciting time for people in the creative industries, and I’m excited to see what the next few years will bring!

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