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Arthur Edwards

I have enjoyed tremendously my position as royal photographer for The Sun newspaper. I have held this job for nearly 40 years, covering over 200 royal tours in over 100 countries. During this time, I have photographed seven royal weddings, four funerals and seven royal births. I came into royal photography by accident in 1976 when I captured a ‘cracking shot’ of a young Prince Charles in action on the polo field, and have since become a royal favourite. My breakthrough pictures were photographing the first picture of Diana, at a polo match in Sussex, quickly following it up with Diana in the see-through skirt. What success I've had has been achieved through sheer hard work and great enthusiasm for the job, plus a great deal of luck. I have won some awards, though not as many as I would have liked! However, one of my proudest moments was receiving the MBE from the Queen in 2003. It's a pleasure to visit Fixation. A great team led by lovely Paula, backed up by an extremely knowledgeable sales staff and highly skilled camera technicians. Everybody is so warm and friendly. In fact, you are simply the best!