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Profoto widen the OCF light-shaping range

OCF-Color-GelSThe Light Shaping Company, Profoto, offer new lightweight modifiers for their portable OCF flash units the B2 and B1 ranges.

Based on the incredibly popular soft light reflectors (introduced in the 80s and swiftly nicknamed “The Beauty Dish”), OCF Beauty Dishes are a collapsible more portable version of the same. The OCF beauty dish is available in white or silver and both are compatible with a shower-cap style diffuser.
Weighing only 0.5 kg you can have beautiful light wherever you go.

Colour balance on location is crucial for a realistic shoot. Colour is also a vital tool for adding drama. Profoto have released 3 gel sets for complete control in any environment:

  • The Starter Set with the 10 most popular gels some Colour correction some special effects plus the OCF Gel Filter holder and grid kit.
  • Colour Correction set with 20 graded blues, greens and oranges.
  • Colour Effects with 20 gels for a dazzling spectrum of colourful highlights.


For more details or to place an order contact the sales team on 020-7582-3294 or email