Quantum Repairs

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Authorised Quantum Repairs with Fixation

Your Quantum lighting kit is a necessary part of your studio set up. Fixation is the only official repair agent in Britain for Quantum flash units and battery packs. At Fixation we have a specialist team of fully-trained technicians who can repair all Quantum products, including Quantum Co-pilot radio control units, FreeXWire systems, Omnicron Video Lights and Q-flash units.

Please note, Some turbo packs require firmware updates to work, and some Q-Paq and RadioSlave repairs need to be returned to the Factory for repair.  We would be happy to facilitate these repairs for you.  If we should need to replace battery cells, we will need to charge a battery recycling fee of £3.

Check our Help Centre for more information on repair processes, estimate and turnaround times and general repair questions

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