Why should you consider repairing your lighting kit?

Cost effectiveness

Repairing camera lighting is often more cost-effective than purchasing new lighting equipment. By addressing specific issues, such as faulty bulbs, damaged wiring, or malfunctioning controls, you can extend the lifespan of your existing lighting setup, saving money in the long run.

Improved image quality

Camera lighting plays a crucial role in capturing high-quality images. If your lighting equipment is damaged or not functioning properly, it can negatively affect the lighting balance, colour accuracy, and overall image quality. Repairing the lighting ensures consistent and reliable performance, resulting in better photographs or videos.

Flexibility and creativity

Lighting is a key element in photography and videography, allowing for creative expression and control of the visual aesthetic. Repairing your camera lighting allows you to maintain the versatility and flexibility to adapt to different shooting conditions and achieve the desired lighting effects.

Environmental sustainability

Repairing camera lighting contributes to reducing electronic waste by extending the lifespan of the equipment2. Repairing damaged lighting instead of discarding it and buying new equipment helps in conserving resources and reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposal.

Expert knowledge and support

Camera lighting repairs are best performed by experienced technicians who specialise in lighting systems. These professionals have the expertise, tools, and access to genuine parts to effectively diagnose and repair the issues with your lighting equipment.

Lighting Brands We Repair:

Fixation holds a wide range of Bowens spares and our team of trained technicians have years of experience in servicing Bowens equipment.

After technician training in Stockholm, Fixation became a Profoto certified service station in October 2015. We specialise in OCF, monobloc and generator servicing.


Photographic Lighting Repair Centre

Studio generators, battery powered location lighting and speedlight flash guns can all be serviced at Fixation. Powerful studio lighting systems require expert handling. We have a dedicated service area for our high voltage repair service in our workshop. Regular servicing will keep your lights working and ready for high volume use.

Flashguns and battery powered location lights are often exposed to the elements. Our lighting technicians have worked on speedlites, large battery powered flash, and LED units, which have been affected by liquid, or damaged on location. Whether the fault with your lighting is clear, or a more tricky malfunction, our lighting experts will be able to diagnose the fault.

We are an authorised service centre for Profoto and Bowens studio lighting. As experts in camera and lens systems we regularly service Canon, Nikon and Sony on-camera flash.

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