Authorised Sony Camera Repairs With Fixation

Fixation has been serving professional photographers for 30 years and we are very proud to be appointed the first walk-in Sony Imaging PRO Support Centre in the UK, bringing the same quality and level of support for which we’re renowned to Sony Professional users. We can repair all Sony Alpha E-mount cameras, including the flagship a1, a9 II, the a7R IV and many more.

Eligible Sony Pro Support members can also take advantage of the same Sony Pro Support benefits here at Fixation such as free sensor cleaning and free repair collection and return service. As with all Fixation repairs, we provide free estimates and fast turnaround times.

Our Sony Camera Repair Service

We can repair your Sony cameras and lenses under warranty or out of warranty as chargeable repairs. Either way, you can rest assured your equipment is in good hands. If your Sony camera is not in warranty and you are interested to know our usual costs, please see our price guide below.

Whether you’ve cracked your screen; damaged your sensor or perhaps your shutter has decided that’s one shot more than it’s willing to give, you can rest assured that your camera is in safe hands. Our expert team of Sony specialist engineers are on-hand to re-build your camera from the frame up if needed.

Sensor Cleaning Service

  • Full frame Sony Sensor cleaning for the A7, A9 and A1 cameras: £55 (Excluding VAT)
  • APS sensor cleaning for Sony A6000 series cameras: £30 (Excluding VAT)

Sony Firmware Updates

Keeping up to date with the latest firmware can be a challenge but it’s good to make sure you’re getting the most out of your camera. We keep a close eye on the firmware versions of each camera we service and can make sure your camera is up to date.

Firmware updates can be carried out along with a sensor clean or you can check our firmware tracker to find the latest version and instructions for installing the firmware at home.

Common repair issues with Sony Cameras

Blank LCD Screen

The LCD display on Sony cameras is essential for accessing the camera menu, reviewing images and monitoring video recording. When these displays start to fail or if your screen is damaged or scratched it can really disrupt your photography and filmmaking.

Variable angle LCD displays on Sony mirrorless camera bodies are connected to the main camera body by a flexible printed circuit board. With repeated use this flexible connection can begin to wear out, or the screen can become loose, and lose connection with the camera.

Our technicians have access to genuine Sony spare parts so we can bring your screen back to perfect working order.

Sensor damage and IBIS in body image stabilisation repair

The sensor in Sony alpha cameras is held in an image stabilisation system that allows movement in up to 5-axis. The sensor is exposed when the lens cap or lens is removed and we have seen cases where the sensor has been impacted, scratched or the sensor filter cracked.

IBIS systems can be knocked out of alignment if the camera receives an impact or even a heavy bump. In this case your camera may display an error, your images may not appear level, and the sensor will look as though it is set at a wonky angle within the camera body.

We hope this never happens to you, but in the unlikely event your sensor is damaged our Sony specialist technicians will provide a free estimate which details the work required to bring your camera back to standard.

Hot pixels and dead pixels

Hot pixels are single pixels on a Sony sensor that are putting out the wrong signal to the camera’s image processor resulting in a bright speck in your images. These may be more apparent when shooting at higher ISOs, recording long exposures, or shooting video.

Dead pixels occur when a pixel has failed and is no longer sending any signal to the image processor. The result is a black pixel in your images. Dead pixels can occur at any time and may be due to the sensor overheating they are commonly encountered by photographers using their Sony camera for long exposures or video.

The remedy for hot and dead pixels is re-mapping the sensor, instructing the camera to ignore the faulty pixels. In severe cases where re-mapping is not possible our Sony technicians may suggest a sensor replacement

Sony Camera Repair Price Guide

We cost all repairs individually.

If your equipment is not listed on our repair form, we may still be able to provide a service or sensor clean. Please contact for more info.

For further price guidance please consult our repair form.

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the repair and the parts required. Our technicians will provide you with a no obligation estimate with every repair, based on an inspection of your kit and the fault description provided.

Sony Repair FAQs

Yes we can service and repair Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras under warranty. Please provide a receipt or proof of purchase with the camera and the warranty card if you have bought an additional warranty.

Sony warranty their cameras for one year. Sony are strict about the 1 year cut off to the day. You can purchase an additional 1, 2 or 3 years of warranty and sometimes these extended warranties are offered in sales promotions. If you have the additional warranty please send copies of both the original receipt and the additional warranty card.

We do not repair Sony A-mount cameras or lenses in our workshop. To repair your Sony A-mount camera contact the Sony Pencoed repair centre in Wales.

We can clean the sensor on A-mount camera bodies provided that a lens and battery is supplied with the camera.

Although we do repair many Sony mirrorless cameras used for video production, we do not repair Sony camcorders or pro-video or broadcast cameras. For Sony Video camera repairs contact the Sony Pencoed pro-repair centre in Wales.

Please Note

  • We cannot repair Sony A mount bodies or lenses as well as Sony compact cameras, either film or digital models.
  • We are only able to access and clean the sensors on cameras with user-detachable lenses.
  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts.
  • For more info contact or call us on 020 7582 3294

Check our Help Centre for more information on repair processes, estimate and turnaround times and general repair questions

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