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We’re your one stop for Canon lens service. Our in-house technicians are Canon experts, trained by Canon in diagnosing and fixing issues with Canon lenses. This includes Canon EF lenses for DSLRs, as well as Canon RF lenses for the new EOS R mirrorless range. Canon is one of the leading brands in photo and video cameras and lenses, and any serious service centre needs to be an expert in all things Canon!

Our workshop is Canon accredited to service EF and RF lens systems. Our technicians receive training from Canon whenever new products are released. This allows us to stay on top of things, and make sure we can get the lens for your Canon camera back to factory standards. We’re thoroughly versed in Canon camera and lens services!

And you don’t just need to wait until things go wrong! We also offer Canon lens calibration, helping to prevent issues before they happen and ensure you never have to stop shooting. With a little Canon lens cleaning too, we can make sure your glass is always in tip-top condition.

Our Canon Lens Services

Once we have your Canon lens, our technicians can quickly and efficiently diagnose the fault and get it fixed. If your lens isn’t focusing correctly, if its zoom action is faulty, or your images aren’t as sharp as they should be, we’ll find the issue and get it sorted.

If you’ve dropped or knocked your lens, its internal workings can be disturbed or damaged, even if the lens looks fine on the outside. We’ll check the focusing action is working correctly, that the lens zooms smoothly (if it’s a zoom lens) and that electronic communication with the digital camera is working as it should.

Our Canon Lens Cleaning And Servicing

The best way to prevent problems with your lenses is to keep your kit regularly serviced. At Fixation, we provide servicing for professional photographers, businesses and enthusiasts!

We have the latest testing and alignment equipment that allows us to ensure all lenses are working correctly. We use Canon-approved cleaning products to make sure all the parts of the lens are clean and free from debris and detritus, which can cause issues in the zooming or focusing action.

Lens cleaning service

As part of lens servicing, we will clean the front and rear elements of your lenses. We use Canon-approved cleaning supplies and substances in order to preserve and protect the coatings on your lens elements.

If you’d like to clean your lens yourself, head to our blog where we’ve compiled a few tips for making sure your clean your lenses safely and correctly.

Using dedicated lens tissues and a recommended lens cleaner will go a long way!

Focus calibration

Focus calibration is a lens-and-camera issue, and it’s important to get both of them serviced to ensure that your focusing is consistently fast and accurate. With sensor resolution climbing higher and higher as new cameras are released it’s imperative to make sure your camera and lens are focusing accurately. Even a minor calibration issue can make a huge difference to the final image.

We provide servicing for focusing issues. We will carefully test each lens we receive, and adjust its AF fine-tuning using Fo-Cal calibration software. We will also email you a full focus performance report, which will include a full record of adjustments we’ve made.

You can find more details on our autofocus calibration service page.

Common Canon Lens Issues

As experienced lens technicians, we see certain issues with different products time and again. Here are a few common issues you might expect to experience with Canon lenses.

Canon Error 01 (ERR 01)

Error 01 is a fairly common issue for Canon users. It often appears to be a communication issue between the body and the lens – and sometimes is. In our experience, however, it is often an indication that the aperture unit has failed, or has been caused by wear in an FPC (flexible printed circuit board) inside the lens. This can affext EF, EF-S and RF lenses. Whatever the cause, we’ll root it out and get your lens working again!

Zoom and focus rings coming loose

This is very normal for Canon lenses – from time to time, the rubber ring that controls zoom or focusing on the lens may come loose. While this can be an annoyance, it’s very easy to fix. We can provide replacement parts while you wait, and get them attached to your lens in no time.

We provide servicing for focusing issues. We will carefully test each lens we receive, and adjust its AF fine-tuning using Fo-Cal calibration software. We will also email you a full focus performance report, which will include a full record of adjustments we’ve made.

You can find more details on our autofocus calibration service page.

Servicing Process For Canon Lenses

Depending on where you are located in the UK, you may be able to drop off your Canon lens for service in person, or you may prefer to send it by post.

Photographers near London, Manchester or Leeds can swing by our offices and drop lenses off at our service desks. The service team there will take all the necessary details, including the model of your lens and the nature of the issue you’re having, and then issue you with a receipt. Lenses handed in at Manchester that require major service may be sent on to London, depending on the nature and severity of the fault.

Those who are based elsewhere may want to send their lenses to us by post. If you’ve never packaged a lens for the post before, we recommend you pack it up in a strong box, with at least 2 inches (5cm) of padding on every side.

Once your kit reaches us and we’ve got it booked in – which will usually all happen on the same day – we’ll email you a receipt specifying everything we’ve received from you, as well as the nature of the services you need. Our team may also note any observations they make on the kit that might be relevant to the service.

If you have requested an estimate, our technicians will test the lens to assess the nature of the fault. Once we’re satisfied we know what’s going on, we’ll email you an estimated quote for the service. We won’t start work until you’ve given us the go-ahead on the quote, so make sure to reply when you see the email come in, and check your spam folder.

Once you’ve approved the service, the team will fix, service and clean the lens, replacing any parts that are needed. When it’s done, the service support team will email you to let you know. From there, you can arrange for an in-person collection, or for delivery.

Canon Lens Service Price Guide

We cost all jobs individually, and can also undertake fault-only services.

ModelService to Major ServiceSensor Clean Only
Canon Lenses£50 to £455 + partsN/A

 All prices exclude VAT

If your camera is not listed above, we may still be able to provide a sensor cleaning service. Please contact for more info

Please Note

  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair Canon compact cameras, either film or digital, including the IXUS and PowerShot ranges.
  • We are also unable to service Canon video equipment, scanners, printers, faxes or multi-function printers.
  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts

Click here for more information on our repair processes, estimate and turnaround times and general repair questions


Absolutely! See above for postal instructions – but a good rule of thumb is to use a strong box and to give the lens at least 2 inches of padding on every side. The last thing you want is for your lens to incur further damage in transit!

It’s also best to use a tracked and insured courier service. Royal Mail and UPS are both great to use for peace of mind.

We can also arrange a courier collection or a pre-paid delivery label for you. Just note down your preference when you fill out our online repair form.

It’s not a requirement, and if you’re happy for us to go ahead with the lens repair without providing an estimate, then simply don’t request one. This will mean a faster overall repair.

Another option is to set a price limit. By doing this, you can set a maximum amount a repair can cost before our technicians will get in touch to confirm it with you. This is a great way to get minor repairs done as quickly as possible, while also staying in the loop on any more extensive repair work.

No. Canon warranty repairs must be returned to Canon UK for repair under the Canon European Warrany System.

We can supply certain simple parts for Canon lenses, such as screws and rubber grips. Please note, however, that it’s always best to leave even small jobs to professionals unless you’re thoroughly confident in what you’re doing.

Absolutely. Get in touch with our sales team and they can help you out with lens caps and other sundries you may have misplaced.

Yes bring your camera in to us and we can provide a shutter count while you wait.

With repairs it is best and most economical to pinpoint the issue to one piece of kit, or to a combination of a Canon body and lens that is causing the problem. To give all your kit a check over we recommend using our Focus calibration service which has fixed rates and gives you a report on each body and lens.

Yes our repairs are guaranteed for six months.

Yes, our Canon lens repairs are guaranteed for six months.

No CPS repairs must now be returned to Canon for Expedited CPS repairs.

At Fixation we specialise in professional photographic repairs. We know that many professional photographers rely on Canon cameras to make their living. We do not use fixed prices, our technicians create a fresh assessment for each repair so that you only pay for what is wrong with your camera. We make sure that your Canon camera is serviced and repaired quickly, affordably and reliably.

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