Manufacturer Warranty Repairs from our Workshop

Warranties are sometimes more generous than your statutory rights, and can give you an extra option to resolve problems with a product. Manufacturers often use the name guarantee and warranty interchangeably. However, there is a difference.

Guarantees are usually free and offered by the manufacturer. They are an assurance regarding quality / lifespan with a promise to repair or replace if the product doesn’t live up to billing. Often, companies require you to fill out a registration card to validate the guarantee.

Warranties are similar to an insurance policy and are often not free. Standard and extended warranties may last longer than guarantees and may offer wider protection in cases of accidental damage.

Fixation can undertake manufacturer warranty repairs on Canon, Nikon, Sony, Tamron & Profoto equipment. To ensure an estimate is not raised on your warranty repair, please provide a proof of purchase (and preferably a warranty card, if applicable) when you send or bring your repair in.

Some repairs must be returned to the manufacturer for repair under warranty. Sigma lens repairs must be returned to Sigma for repair under warranty and Canon pro-video equipment is all repaired by Canon. Visit our repair pages for more information on each brand’s warranty repairs.

What is covered by a warranty

Most warranties will not cover damages by accident, misuse, un-authorised repair, dropping, improper care or storage, or damages resulting from sand or water, or misalignment of optical axes caused by dropping or shock. All warranties are subject to manufacturer’s own terms and conditions (confirmed on inspection only) and please note that in most cases warranties are not valid on grey import goods, so repairs to such are likely to be chargeable.

Warranty Cards

A warranty card is sometimes issued at the time of original purchase. Warranties are normally non-transferable and are not reissued. Each manufacturer documents its warranties slightly differently: Extended warranties from Sony come with a credit-card size warranty card. Nikon extended warranties come with additional documentation. Canon sometimes offer a two year warranty on new products without any additional paperwork.
If your equipment has failed and it may still be under warranty. Contact us and we will let you know what we need to make a successful claim.

For more information read our guide to testing your sensor at home.

Warranty repairs for equipment purchased from Fixation

The Fixation warranty on new cameras gives you two free sensor cleans within the first two years. One in year 1 and the next in the second year. Bring in your proof of purchase to London, Manchester or Leeds to claim your free sensor cleans.

In circumstances where customers have purchased a new camera or lens from Fixation which suffers a failure of the equipment during the warranty period, which is not due to customer misuse or abuse. If Fixation is satisfied that the fault is a valid warranty claim, and is unable to complete satisfactory repairs within two working days of the equipment being submitted to Fixation for inspection, then Fixation may issue loan equipment for the period until repairs are completed subject to availability.

Whilst Fixation will endeavour to provide replacement with the same model, if this is not available for whatever reason, we will supply the next most appropriate model.

Fixation may agree to loan courtesy equipment where a customer believes that a repair carried out by Fixation’s own workshop has not been satisfactorily completed. Fixation reserves the right to inspect the equipment before issuing a loan to verify the customer’s claim. Whilst Fixation will endeavour to provide replacement with the same model, if this is not available for whatever reason, we will supply the next most appropriate model.

If a customer suffers a service failure due to an oversight or error by a member of Fixation staff, or by an agency outside of our business through no fault of the customer, if appropriate, we may, without prejudice and as a gesture of goodwill, offer to loan alternative equipment to enable the customer to continue their business activities.

In all circumstances, if the customer requests a replacement unit to be sent before Fixation have satisfied themselves of the fault or error, then such equipment will be issued on a chargeable basis, and may be altered to courtesy loan subsequently if circumstances meet the necessary conditions.

Shipping or Courier charges
Fixation will bear the cost of sending Courtesy equipment to the customer. The cost of returning the equipment to Fixation shall be borne by, and be the responsibility of the hirer.
If Fixation is sending equipment out, we reserve the right to request proof of address for non-account customers, and we will only ship to this address.

Period of Loan of Courtesy Equipment
It is a strict condition of this agreement that the period of loan expires 48 hours after Fixation has informed the customer that their repair is completed and ready for collection. Fixation will make all reasonable effort to contact the customer by email, telephone, text message or any other means at Fixation’s disposal to inform the customer that their repair is complete. If the customer fails to return the Loan equipment within 48 hours, the loan will become chargeable at our normal rates.
All other normal terms and conditions relating to liability, deposits, insurance, loss and damage, availability, and accessories also apply to this agreement.

For more information contact our service support team: or call us on 020 7582 3294

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