Fujifilm Camera Repairs In The UK

X series and GFX digital cameras from Fujifilm can be cleaned quickly at Fixation. Fujifilm in Bedford are the only authorised repair centre for Fujifilm equipment in the UK. You can send your camera or lens directly to Fujifilm, or bring your Fuji kit to Fixation and we can send it for repair on your behalf.

Fujifilm Servicing At Fixation

Fixation is proud to be an official Support Centre for Fujifilm Professional Services. Our service support and sales teams can troubleshoot issues around camera settings. Our technicians can provide professional sensor cleaning for X series and GFX cameras with removable lenses.

Fujifilm Sensor Cleaning

We can provide while you wait sensor cleaning in under an hour. All Fujifilm mirrorless cameras have imaging sensors that are close to the lens mount and exposed when the lens is removed. The exposed nature of the imaging sensor makes it easy for Fujifilm sensors to pick up dust and sometimes fingerprints.

Sensor Cleaning Prices

  • £55 for medium format GFX cameras eg. GFX50S and GFX100 (Excluding VAT)
  • £30 for X-series mirrorless cameras such as the X-T4 and X-T30 (Excluding VAT)
Fujifilm Focus Camera Menu Options

Fujifilm Firmware Updates

Keeping your camera up to date with the latest firmware will bring you the best features that Fujifilm have to offer. Updates have unlocked new AutoFocus functions that make older X-series models perform on a level with the latest Fujifilm releases.

You can update Fujifilm firmware yourself but if you are not confident our technicians can load the firmware for you.

Removing Jammed Filters

Our technicians can remove filters that are stuck on the front of your Fujifilm lens. UV filters are a great way to protect the front element of your Fujifilm lens. But if a filter is dented or cracked it can jam in the filter threads making it difficult to remove.

We are experienced in removing jammed filters. We will first try to remove the filter by unscrewing it. If we cannot unscrew the filter we will remove the glass and cut away the remaining filter ring.

Often the filter has saved the lens from the worst effects of an impact. In that case we can fit a new filter and your lens will be ready to use the same day. If your lens is damaged we can send the lens to Fujifilm for you, or we can give you all the info to send the lens off yourself.

If the glass on your filter has smashed it could scratch the front element of your lens. Shake off any excess pieces of filter glass and dispose of them to keep your font element safe. We will dust off any pieces of glass left in the filter thread before fitting a new filter.

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