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Tamron is one of the leading manufacturers of third-party lenses for popular digital cameras. Specialising in affordable zoom optics, Tamron makes lenses that fit Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras, making them a great choice for professionals looking to expand their range of glass.

At Fixation, we are the UK authorised service partner for Tamron. Our technicians can repair Tamron lenses in-house on a warranty, or on a chargeable basis. Our team members have foundations in repairing Canon EOS, Sony Alpha (mirrorless) and Nikon DSLR systems. They will apply the same exacting standards to the repair of your Tamron lens.

The Tamron lens range includes a great variety of zoom lenses that span a wide range of focal lengths, sometimes ones that are unavailable from camera manufacturers. Whether you are shooting extreme wide-angle with the 15-30mm f/2.8, or super-telephoto with the 150mm-600mm telezoom, we will be able to make sure that all your lens’s functions are working as they should.

Tamron Lens Warranty Repairs

Photographers who choose Tamron lenses can benefit from a 5 year warranty on lenses that they have registered with the manufacturer. If you find yourself with a faulty lens, within the warranty period, you must first register your repair request with Tamron via their online form. They will check the warranty status of your lens and provide delivery instructions. If your repair is outside of its warranty you can send the lens direct to us using our online repair form.

Our Tamron Lens Repair Services

If you have an issue with your Tamron lens and need us to take care of it, you can drop the lens to us in person at the workshop, or send it to us in the post. All you need to do is fill out our online repair form with details of your lens and the issue you’re having – and request an estimate if you want one – and we’ll get to the root of the issue and sort it for you.

We only use genuine Tamron parts for our repairs, so you can rest in the knowledge that we’ll get your lens working exactly as the manufacturer intended.

Tamron Lens Servicing And Cleaning

Remember – you don’t have to wait for a problem to appear before fixing it! A good way to prevent the need for lenses to be repaired is to get them regularly serviced and cleaned, and we can provide Tamron lens servicing and cleaning at your convenience.

Using our state-of-the-art lens testing and aligning equipment, we can make sure your Tamron lens focuses and zooms correctly, and that all the moving parts are functioning as they should. With sensor resolutions getting higher and higher, it’s more important than ever for lenses to be pin-sharp so that you can make every pixel count. All the repair and cleaning tools we used are Tamron-approved.

Focus calibration

One of the most important aspects of looking after your lenses is making sure they are focusing correctly. Professional photographers need to be able to rely on their kit one hundred per cent of the time, and if a lens’s autofocus is even slightly malfunctioning, it can be a significant issue.

An otherwise perfect image can be let down completely by a lack of sharpness. If you’re running into focusing issues and aren’t sure why, check out our page on focus issues where we run through some of the main causes and fixes.

At Fixation, we provide calibration and servicing for Tamron lenses. Whenever we receive a lens for repair, we test it to make sure it is focusing correctly. If we notice any issues with the focusing, we can fine-tune to correct them using Fo-Cal calibration software. We’ll send you a full breakdown of any focus issues we discover in a full focus performance report of your lens – this will also include a record of any adjustments we made to fix it.

We have a more thorough breakdown of our autofocus calibration service here.

Lens cleaning service

Keeping lenses clean is hugely important, and we make sure to include it in our lens servicing procedure. We will clean your Tamron lens’s front element and rear element to remove dust, grime, smears or particles that can degrade image quality. We only use professional-grade cleaning substances that are approved by Tamron – this is important, as it ensures that the clean doesn’t damage any important lens element coatings.

If you’re looking to keep down your ongoing lens servicing costs, it’s worth making sure you regularly clean your lens yourself. You want to make sure you have specialist lens cleaner and lens tissues, and above all, that you are gentle with the lens! We’ve compiled a quick blog of lens cleaning tips to help you, so have a look there if you are unsure.

Repair Process For Tamron Lenses

Need your Tamron lens repaired? We’ll get it done for you! You can either bring it to us in person, or send it in the post, and we’ll conduct a timely, efficient and thorough repair.

We have workshops in London, Manchester and Leeds. If you are near any of these cities, you can simply stop by and drop your lens off with our team at the service desk, any time during opening hours. The team will take the details of your Tamron lens, including its model number and the nature of the fault, and then give you a receipt for the repair. Please note that if you drop a lens off at Manchester or Leeds and it has major faults that require significant repair, we may send it on to the team in London.

Alternatively, you can post your Tamron lens to us. All lenses should be packed in a strong box, and we recommend putting at least 2 inches (5cm) of padding on every side to protect it from knocks and bumps in transit. It’s a good idea to use tracked postage, and get it insured. Royal Mail offers a tracked posting service, or you could use a dedicated courier service like UPS. We can also arrange this for you if you prefer – specify on the online repair form if you would like us to arrange a courier collection or a pre-paid delivery label.

Once your lens reaches us, we’ll get it booked in. This will usually happen on the same day we receive it. We’ll email you a receipt confirming the item(s) we’ve received, and the details of the repairs requested. We’ll also inspect the general condition of the lens as we’ve received it.

Using our online repair form, you can request to receive an estimate of costs before we start work on your lens. If you’ve asked us for an estimate, we’ll do a thorough test and inspection of the lens to determine the issue before starting any work, and then send you an email with an estimated quote for what the repair will cost. Bear in mind that we won’t start work until you give us the okay, so keep an eye on your emails!

Another option is to specify a price limit. By doing this, you give a maximum price the repair can cost before we’ll get in touch with you to confirm it’s okay. This is a good way to keep the repair moving along as fast as possible while staying in control of how much you spend.

Tamron Lens Repair Guide Prices

We cost all jobs individually, and can also undertake fault-only repairs.

ModelService to Major RepairSensor Clean Only
Tamron LensesFrom £45 + partsN/A

 All prices exclude VAT


Yes – you can post your lenses to us for repair. See above for postal instructions, and remember to pack it with plenty of padding!

If you have a Tamron lens that needs repairs and it’s under warranty, you need to register the repair at the Tamron website using their online form. Tamron will then check its warranty status, and provide you with delivery instructions.

Yes, our Tamron lens repairs are guaranteed for six months.

Our Sales team offers a range of new and second-hand equipment, including some lens parts.

No – if you’re happy to proceed without an estimate, simply don’t request one on the online repair form and we’ll get started with the repair immediately.

At Fixation, we specialise in helping professional photographers get back on their feet as quickly as possible. We price flexibly, so we’ll only charge you for the work that needs doing, and we pride ourselves in conducting our fixes as quickly and professionally as possible. We’ll get your Tamron lens repaired as fast as we can, minimising your downtime and allowing you to do what you do best – keep on shooting!

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