The UK’s Leading Canon Camera Repair Centre

We are Canon repair experts. Our technicians specialise in repair and servicing Canon cameras as well as the whole EOS system of lenses and speedlite flashguns. We repair all current Canon digital cameras including the EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 1DX Mark III and mirrorless EOS R cameras such as the EOS R5 and EOS R7.

Since 1995 we have repaired SLR cameras for Canon as an authorised service centre. Our workshop is now one of a select few Canon accredited repair centres in the UK, our technicians receive training from Canon when new products are launched to make sure we meet the manufacturer’s exacting standards. We repair Canon cameras for professional photographers, businesses and enthusiasts alike.

Canon accredited repairs

Our technicians can provide a rapid diagnosis and a clear estimate where we describe the faults found and the steps needed to get your camera fixed. If your Canon camera is showing an err error code, or if your images are not as sharp as they used to be we’ll get to the bottom of it.

If you have dropped or damaged your Canon camera we will check it for any physical damage, dents or cracks. If your Canon camera has been dropped we will also check the auto-focus and EF mount alignment. We will provide a free estimate with all the details.

Canon mirrorless EOS R repairs

We can complete repairs, services and firmware updates to all Canon mirrorless EOS R series cameras. As a Canon accredited repair centre for the EOS R system we use genuine Canon spare parts in all our repairs supplied by Canon in Europe.

We can provide sensor cleaning and firmware updates for all Canon mirrorless camera bodies.

Cleaning and Servicing

Keep your kit in great shape with regular cleaning and servicing. Our Canon camera cleaning keeps dust out of your digital camera, and our focus calibration service keeps your images pin sharp. Sensor cleaning, focus accuracy checks and firmware updates are all included in our repair service. They are also available as fixed price services below.

Sensor Cleaning

Canon CMOS sensors can be cleaned in under an hour with our while you wait sensor cleaning service. Our technicians clean, test and repeat until your Canon sensor is spotless. We also clean the mirror box and check the final image on Canon analysis software to make sure it meets the Canon standard. Sensor cleaning in Manchester must be booked in advance for a same-day sensor cleaning.

Sensor Cleaning Prices

  • £55 for full frame Canon cameras (Excluding VAT)
  • £30 for crop-sensor camera bodies (Excluding VAT)

Focus Calibration

Focus calibration is a term that can mean something different to almost everyone you ask but we all know what we want: Pin sharp images. At Fixation we offer two distinct services to improve your Canon auto-focus accuracy.

Servicing and repair for focus issues. This addresses the physical alignment of your Canon camera and how the camera is programmed. We test your camera using lenses supplied by Canon, against Canon’s metrics to make sure all the parts that make up your focus system are set up correctly. We can also match a Canon body to a Canon lens for the best performance from that combination, this requires a full service on the Canon lens as well.

Focus Matching with FoCal. Focus matching addresses front focussing or back focusing which is a common cause of images that look soft or blurry. Using FoCal we test to an independent standard and adjust the camera using the Canon Micro-Adjustment menu. This service produces a full report on each body and lens combination detailing not only the adjustments dialled in but also the optimum settings for each lens to perform its best.
Please note, FoCal focus matching only adjusts for front and back focusing.

Firmware Updates

Canon release new firmware versions for their cameras to make EOS cameras more stable, iron out bugs. You can find the latest firmware version for most Canon cameras on our firmware checker page. You can install new firmware yourself or you can bring it to Fixation and we will load the new firmware in and do a sensor clean. When you repair your camera at Fixation we will update with the latest firmware from Canon.

Some firmware updates from Canon unlock new features. These are chargeable updates which can only be installed by an authorised Canon service centre. If you choose these firmware updates we offer £10 off our standard sensor cleaning fee.

Canon chargeable updates are £83.10 and can take up to 1 working day to complete.

Canon C-Log for the EOS 5D mark IV

Record video in C-Log to give yourself more dynamic range, lower noise and more latitude when grading footage in post production. The C-Log update makes it easier to mix footage recorded on the EOS 5D mark IV with recordings from C100, C500 and C70 Cinema EOS cameras.

Canon Voice Tag update for the EOS 5D Mark IV

This update allows you to record a voice memo with a captured image. The .WAV sound file is saved with the same file number as the image and can be played back from the camera or a computer ideal for recording shooting settings or quick captions press images.

Animation update for the EOS R and EOS RP

Released for stop motion animators this firmware gives a higher resolution live-view output for stop motion software such as Dragonframe. High res live view over USB (1920×1280 with the update) helps animators check focus composition with precision. The firmware also adds Manual Focus Peaking when viewing via USB.

Common Issues With Canon Cameras

Canon Shutter Replacement

At the heart of any Canon camera is the shutter unit. Canon test and rate their shutter units ahead of each new camera launch for example the Canon EOS 1DX Mark III is rated up to 500,000 shutter actuations. Canon shutter units are made to be fast and durable but they are a mechanical part which can fail.

When we service cameras we check the shutter count, and check if any errors have been recorded using Canon diagnostic software. If there are errors recorded on your camera or if we find a very high frame count, we may recommend a shutter replacement as a precaution.

Canon Error Codes

Canon cameras display error codes when something is not working quite right. Error 01 is a lens body communication problem while an Error 05 relates to the flash system not functioning correctly. If you have an error appearing on your camera we will identify the fault and provide an estimate for the repair work needed.

Canon ERR 01

Error 1 in the Canon EOS system means a communication issue between the camera body and the lens. We have found that the lens is most commonly at fault. If your camera is showing err 01 try a different lens, if it only happens with one lens, send that in to us so you can keep shooting with the rest of your kit. This can affect EF lenses for DSLR cameras and RF lenses for Canon mirrorless EOS R bodies.

Loose and dented hot-shoes

The hot-shoe can start to come loose if you use a speedlite flashgun, or other accessory, regularly on top of your Canon camera. A loose hot shoe causes flash connection issues such as the flash not firing or mis-firing. We can tighten loose hot shoes while you wait, or as part of a full service.

A knock to the top of your camera can push the hot shoe down which makes it impossible to attach flash heads and accessories. We can replace Canon hot shoes.

On EOS R mirrorless cameras the hot-shoe is connected from screws underneath the top cover. Our technicians can remove the top cover and tighten or replace hot-shoes on all EOS R mirroless cameras.

Cracked Screens

Scratched or cracked screens on the back of your Canon Camera, or on the top cover of pro models, can be fixed quickly by replacing the glass window. Cracked screens can let dust and moisture into your camera body and we consider them a breach of Canon’s rugged dust and moisture sealing. If your LCD display is damaged or not displaying correctly that’s not a problem. We can replace screens (called TFT monitors by Canon) with a genuine Canon replacement part.

Tilt screen rear displays may come as a complete unit from Canon. If this is the case we cannot offer window replacement and must replace the whole screen unit.

Canon Camera Repairs Price Guide

We cost all repairs individually.

If your equipment is not listed on our repair form, we may still be able to provide a service or sensor clean. Please contact for more info.

For further price guidance please consult our repair form.

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the repair and the parts required. Our technicians will provide you with a no obligation estimate with every repair, based on an inspection of your kit and the fault description provided.

Repair Process For Canon Cameras

Canon photographers in London and Manchester can drop cameras off in person at our service desks. Our service support team will take all the equipment details and give you a receipt. Major repairs at Manchester will be sent to London for assessment.

We receive many of our repairs by post, Canon cameras will arrive safely provided they are packed in a strong box with at least 2 inches of padding around all sides.

Once your kit arrives and is booked in (usually the same day) we email you a receipt with all the Canon kit and accessories listed. This will also record your repair choices and any observations from our service support team check this to make sure we have recorded your details correctly.

If you have asked for an estimate before your repair our technicians will assess the camera externally and attempt to reproduce the fault. Once we have found the issue we will email you an estimated repair cost for approval. We do not continue with the repair until you give the go-ahead.

Once we get your approval our technicians will clean and service the camera and replace the spare parts required. Once the repair is complete we will clean the camera sensor so it is ready to shoot.

Our service support team will email you to let you know your camera is ready and you can collect in-person, or arrange delivery.

Please Note

  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair Canon compact cameras, either film or digital, including the IXUS and PowerShot ranges.
  • We are also unable to service Canon video equipment, scanners, printers, faxes or multi-function printers.
  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts

Check our Help Centre for more information on repair processes, estimate and turnaround times and general repair questions


Yes, we receive many cameras in the post every day. We recommend you pack your camera with at least 2 inches of padding around all sides and use a tracked and insured courier service. We can arrange a DPD courier collection or a pre-paid delivery label to make shipping easier. Just fill out our online repair form and select the option you prefer. Alternatively, you can select a drop-off service in DPD-selected locations or drop off the equipment in any of our Wex stores in the UK.

Estimates give you the most information before we start work on your canon camera, however they do add time to your repair. You can choose not to have an estimate in which case the camera goes straight to a technician for repair, you can also set a price limit for us to proceed up to so we can carry on quickly with minor repairs or give you an estimate before going ahead with more expensive work.

No. Canon warranty repairs must be returned to Canon UK for repair under the Canon European Warrany System.

We can supply user replaceable spare parts for Canon cameras such as missing screws, rubber grips, battery doors and flash stands.

Spare parts which can only be fitted by dismantling the cameras, and which require thorough testing afterwards will not be supplied. These parts, such as bayonets, shutter assemblies and circuit boards, should be fitted by a trained technician who can safely dismantle and reassemble your Canon camera. Our technicians have all the technology supplied by Canon and years of repair experience to make sure each repair meets the Canon standard.

Canon body caps, eyepieces and camera straps are available from our sales team.

Yes bring your camera in to us and we can provide a shutter count while you wait.

With repairs it is best and most economical to pinpoint the issue to one piece of kit, or to a combination of a Canon body and lens that is causing the problem. To give all your kit a check over we recommend using our Focus calibration service which has fixed rates and gives you a report on each body and lens.

Yes our repairs are guaranteed for six months.

Due to how easy it is for dust to get into the body of Canon cameras when you change lenses or even when you use a zoom lens, we cannot guarantee our sensor cleaning.

Canon automatic sensor cleaning is an option within the camera that shakes the CMOS sensor to dislodge dust. Stubborn spots of oil, sticky particles such as pollen and fingerprints do not shake off the CMOS sensor so easily and professional cleaning is recommended.

No CPS repairs must now be returned to Canon for Expedited CPS repairs.

Yes we can repair Canon cameras purchased from grey market retailers.

Yes. If the cover has come off of your mode dial we can replace it in 24 hours. If the mode dial is damaged or impacted we may need to replace the camera top cover. If this is the case we will provide a thorough estimate of the work required.

At Fixation we specialise in professional photographic repairs. We know that many professional photographers rely on Canon cameras to make their living. We do not use fixed prices, our technicians create a fresh assessment for each repair so that you only pay for what is wrong with your camera. We make sure that your Canon camera is serviced and repaired quickly, affordably and reliably.

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