Why should you get your lens repaired?

When considering whether to get your  lens repaired, there are several reasons why it can be beneficial:


Repairing a lens can be more cost-effective than purchasing a new one. Depending on the extent of the damage, repair costs may be significantly lower compared to the cost of a replacement lens.

Preserving lens quality:

Lenses are precision optical instruments, and repairs can help restore their original functionality and performance. Repairing a lens can address issues such as scratched lens elements, misalignment, or focusing problems, allowing you to continue capturing high-quality images.

Retaining value:

Certain lenses, especially those of higher-end or professional-grade, can retain their value over time. Repairing a lens ensures that it remains in good working condition, which can be important if you plan to sell or upgrade your equipment in the future.

Environmental impact:

Repairing lenses contributes to reducing electronic waste by extending their lifespan. Choosing repair over replacement helps minimise the disposal of potentially functional lenses and reduces the demand for new lens production.

Specialised expertise:

Camera lens repairs are performed by our experienced technicians who specialise in optical equipment. Our technicians receive training direct from the manufacturer to make sure we meet their exacting standards. These professionals have the necessary knowledge, tools, and access to genuine parts to handle lens repairs effectively.

Lens brands we repair and service

We’re your one stop for Canon lens services. Our in-house technicians are Canon experts, trained by Canon in diagnosing and fixing issues with Canon lenses.

If you need Nikon lens repairs, let us lend a hand! Our team specialises in Nikon lens repair with testing facilities for F-mount and Z-mount optics.

We clean, service and repair Sigma lenses in the Sports, Art and Contemporary ranges from quick fixes to thorough servicing and fault investigations.

As the first walk-in Sony Imaging PRO Support Centre in the UK, we’re proud to offer expert servicing for all Sony e-mount lenses including the G-Master series.

At Fixation, we are the UK authorised service partner for Tamron. Our technicians can repair Tamron lenses in-house on a warranty, or on a chargeable basis.

Lens Brands We Repair

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Professional Lens Repair Workshop

We have been cleaning, servicing and repairing lenses for over 30 years. Cameras and lenses form the heart of every photographic practice. Our technicians are trusted by professional photographers to keep their lenses in perfect working order.

If your camera lens develops a fault or is damaged we can provide a free estimate before we carry out any work. Our lens services are guaranteed for six months from completion.

Our lens repair services include warranty repairs, removing broken filters, focus calibration, telephoto lens hood repairs and free repair estimates.

We are an authorised service centre for SigmaTamronSony and Nikon lenses. Our workshop is Canon accredited for servicing EF, EFS and RF lenses including Canon L Series lenses.

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