There are several benefits to getting your camera repaired:

Cost savings: Repairing a camera is often much more cost-effective than replacing it with a new one. Depending on the issue, a repair might be a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new camera.

Preservation of value: If you own a high-end or professional camera, repairs can help maintain its value. Professional cameras can be expensive, and keeping them in good condition through repairs can help preserve their functionality and resale value.

Personal attachment: Many photographers develop a strong bond with their cameras, especially if they have been using them for a long time. Repairing a camera allows photographers to continue using their trusted and familiar equipment, maintaining the emotional connection they may have developed with it.

Environmental impact: Repairing a camera is a more sustainable option than replacing it. By choosing repairs, you contribute to reducing electronic waste and the demand for new camera production, which has environmental benefits.

Expertise and quality: Camera repairs are typically performed by skilled technicians with knowledge and experience working with specific camera brands and models. They have access to specialised tools and genuine parts, ensuring high-quality repairs that can restore your camera’s performance to its original specifications.

We repair the following camera brands

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Expert Camera Repair in the UK

Our in-house technicians specialise in photographic repairs. We are experts in servicing DSLR and mirrorless digital camera systems.

We are proud to be an authorised service centre for many brands. Our test equipment is supplied by the manufacturer so you can be sure your kit is returned to the factory standard. We always use genuine spare parts in our repairs and guarantee our services for 6 months.

Our services include sensor cleaning, Reikan FoCal Test & Adjustment, free repair estimates and quotes for insurance.

We are an authorised service centre for Sony and Nikon digital cameras carrying out chargeable and warranty repairs in-house.

Our workshop is Canon accredited for servicing EOS DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

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