Authorised Nikon camera repairs at Fixation

Our team of Nikon repair specialists are most comfortable within the inner working of Nikon cameras, diagnosing and fixing your issues with precision. In our spare parts library, we have parts for a range of Nikon models including the D5, D850, Z7 II, Z6 II and many more.

As a camera system of choice for professionals, Nikon is fundamental to the story of Fixation. Since Mike Allen, a former Nikon Service manager, founded Fixation in 1988 we have maintained the highest standards of repair ever since. Nikon authorised repairs at Fixation include cameras, lens repairs and speedlights servicing for both DSLR and Mirrorless digital camera systems.

The average Nikon digital camera contains over 200 components, these complex devices have intricate and delicate parts that give them industry leading performance. As an authorised Nikon repair and service centre, our team are regularly trained to keep our repair processes and equipment up to date with the latest Nikon technology.

Please note we do not repair Nikon compact cameras, however we can forward them to Nikon on your behalf.

Our Nikon Camera Repair Service

We can repair your Nikon equipment under warranty or out of warranty as a chargeable repair. Either way, you can rest assured your equipment is in good hands. If your camera is not in its warranty and you are interested to know our usual costs, please see our price guide below.

Is your memory card slot not working? Has your LCD screen cracked or broken? Has your lens mount been broken by someone trying to twist Canon instead of twisting Nikon? Or perhaps your rubber grip isn’t sticking to the camera body any more?

All of these issues are bread and butter for our service team.

Nikon Z series mirrorless camera repairs

We can complete all repairs, services and firmware updates to Nikon full-frame and DX crop-sensor mirrorless Z series cameras including the Z7 II, Z6 II, Z50 and soon the Z9. Warranty repairs and jobs that need major component replacement are all completed in-house by our skilled team of technicians.

We can provide professional sensor cleaning all Nikon mirrorless camera bodies.

Service estimates are free of charge for Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras and Nikkor Z mirrorless lenses.

Nikon Camera Cleaning and Servicing

Sensor Cleaning Service

Sensor dust is a problem that editing isn’t always going to cover, especially if you’ve been changing your lenses whilst trying to capture lions in the Sahara desert. But dust is everywhere, even on the most minimalist studio shoot.

High resolution sensors on the Nikon D850 and Z7 II will show even the tiniest mote of dust on your sensor and we know how cameras used by all photographers can pick up dust, grit and much more besides.

So give your photo editor or even yourself a break from cloning dust spots with a professional sensor clean at Fixation. Our sensor cleaning is extremely thorough, to make sure even the most stubborn dust is removed not just from your sensor but from the entire housing of your camera.

Nikon sensor cleaning prices:

  • £55 for full frame DSLR and mirrorless cameras (Excluding VAT)
  • £30 for APS-C, crop-sensor and Nikon 1 series digital cameras (Excluding VAT)

Focus Calibration and Nikon AF Fine Tune

Focus calibration is a term that can mean something different to almost everyone you ask but we all know what you want: Pin sharp images. At Fixation we offer two distinct services to improve your Nikon DSLR auto-focus accuracy.

Servicing and repair for focus issues. This addresses the physical alignment of your Nikon camera and how the camera is programmed. We test your camera using lenses supplied by Nikon, against Nikon’s standard to make sure all the parts that make up your camera’s focus system are set up correctly. We can also match a Nikon body to a Nikon lens for the best performance from that combination, this requires a full service on the Nikon lens as well.

Focus Matching with FoCal. Focus matching addresses front focussing or back focusing which is a common cause of unsharp images that may look blurry. Using FoCal we test to an independent standard and adjust the camera using the Nikon AF Fine Tune menu. This service produces a full report on each body and lens combination detailing not only the adjustments we make but also the settings at which each lens performs its best.
Please note, FoCal focus matching only adjusts for front and back focusing.

Find out more about Fixation focus calibration.

Common Issues with Nikon Cameras

Err error displayed on camera

If an error is showing on your Nikon camera display or in the viewfinder, then your camera has detected a problem.

To resolve any connection issues first try removing and re-connecting the lens and battery grip if one is in use. Then try removing and re-inserting the battery and memory card. Memory cards can cause an error if they are not formatted correctly. If you have a spare card, try the spare.

If these actions do not resolve the error then our technicians are able to investigate. We can identify the fault which could be to do with internal electronics or the shutter mechanism.

Lens stuck on camera body

All Nikon lenses have a 2mm stop screw. If this falls out then it is possible to turn the lens too far which can make the lens jam. Our technicians can separate Nikon bodies from Nikon lenses, and check both body and lens for any damage.This is a preventable issue, we can fit new stop-screws in lenses before they become stuck on your camera. Find out more about Nikon stop screws on our blog.

Nikon Firmware Updates

Is your firmware up to date? Find out with our Firmware checker which covers most current Nikon cameras. We have been checking firmware updates for years and can update your camera while you wait.

Mirror and Shutter repairs on Nikon cameras

Nikon shutter units can cycle through over a million actuations in the lifetime of a camera. Nikon work to make their shutters as reliable as possible however as with all mechanical parts, they can start to fail.Shutter failure can be indicated by an error message, over- or under-exposed images, black images or part obscured images. If your camera displays any of these symptoms, bring your camera into our workshop and we can check what is causing the fault.If your shutter has done a high number of frames we may suggest replacement of the mirror box and aperture mech as these parts are used every time the shutter is fired.

Memory Card Slot Damaged

The memory card reader in your camera can become damaged if a card is not inserted correctly. Sometimes a damaged card can cause damage to your camera, or become stuck.Our technicians can carefully remove stuck CF, SD and XQD cards. Sometimes the reader will work fine once the offending card has been removed. If the camera has sustained some damage we will provide a free estimate detailing the work and parts required.

LCD screen damage

Cracked windows on Nikon cameras can be replaced quickly, sometimes while you wait. If your LCD display is damaged a new screen will be fitted. This requires the removal of the back cover or top cover in which case we will provide a full estimate.

Tilt screen rear displays may come as a complete unit from Nikon. If this is the case we cannot offer window replacement and must replace the whole screen unit.

Nikon Camera Repairs Price Guide

We cost all repairs individually.

If your equipment is not listed on our repair form, we may still be able to provide a service or sensor clean. Please contact for more info.

For further price guidance please consult our repair form.

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the repair and the parts required. Our technicians will provide you with a no obligation estimate with every repair, based on an inspection of your kit and the fault description provided.

Please Note

  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair Nikon compact cameras, either film or digital models, including Nikon’s Coolpix range.
  • Parts for Nikon scanners are no longer available. We cannot service or clean Nikon scanners.
  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts.

Nikon Repair FAQs

Not yet, to set up a pair of binoculars requires a tool for setting and matching the alignment of the left and right optics at the same time. We do not have that tooling in our workshop so all Binocular repairs should be sent to the Binocular experts at Nikon.

Yes we can service and repair Nikon Z system cameras and lenses including the Z50, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z7 II and Z6 II. All mirrorless camera repairs are completed in-house. Our technicians can provide a free service estimate for chargeable repairs, and complete repairs under warranty on behalf of Nikon.

We do not recommend taking your camera apart. Nikon cameras are packed with parts that are easy to damage if the camera is not dismantled correctly. Dismantling a camera is best left to our trained technicians.

If a camera has been dismantled by a third party, our technicians will have to assess the camera to see if a repair is possible. If the camera has been dismantled prior to us receiving it, the warranty will be void.

We are able to provide warranty repairs in house for Nikon DSLR and Mirrorless Z system cameras. Nikon Coolpix and Nikon 1 series equipment should be returned to Nikon for repair under warranty.

We do not repair Nikon Coolpix cameras in our workshop. Coolpix cameras can be sent to the Nikon repair centre in Surbiton UK

Nikon no longer supply spare parts for the Nikon D80 so we cannot replace the aperture control unit. If the aperture control lever is bent we may be able to return it to the correct position.

We can repair any genuine Nikon camera. If your camera is from a grey importer and it fails under warranty Nikon UK will not cover that cost and we will have to charge for the repair. In this case we would provide a service estimate.

A valid proof of purchase is required for any warranty repair.
If you have lost your receipt and you bought your camera from
WEX Photo or Fixation B2B, contact our service support team and we will be able to find a copy of your purchase in our records.
If you purchased from another retailer we recommend you contact them for a copy of your invoice.

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