Sigma Lens Cleaning And Repair

We clean, service and repair Sigma Art lenses. If the back of your lens feels loose and needs a quick tighten-up, we’re here for you with our while-you-wait repairs. If your Sigma lens has developed a fault and needs a thorough investigation, our technicians can provide a full service estimate for free for you to approve.

Our technicians are trained and authorised by Sigma UK to carry out repair on their behalf on Sigma Art lenses. We only use genuine Sigma spare parts to ensure your lens is returned to the manufacturers specification.

Free service estimates for Sigma lenses

At Fixation we have repaired lenses for over 30 years for professional photographers working throughout the UK and around the world. When you bring your Sigma lens repair to us for an estimate it will be checked and tested to Sigma’s factory standards. We then provide a document detailing the work and parts needed, for your approval.

Our estimates are free so if you choose not to go ahead there is no service charge.

Sigma Warranty Repairs

Sigma warranty repairs will be sent to the Sigma Imaging UK workshop in Welwyn Garden City for repair at the Sigma head office. You can send warranty repairs direct to Sigma or drop off your lens with us at our London, Manchester or Leeds service counters and we will forward them to Sigma on your behalf.

Broken or jammed filters on Sigma lenses

Filters are essential for keeping the front element of your Sigma lens safe, but a slight knock can crack the filter glass or dent the filter ring that can make it stuck on the front of your lens.

We always say it’s better to break a filter than to break or scratch your front element so if your filter is jammed we will remove it for free if you buy a replacement.

  • Filter removal completed while you wait:
  • Clean externally and remove any broken glass
  • Remove or cut away jammed filter ring
  • Clean front and rear elements
  • Fit new filter

Loose barrel on Sigma Art lens

Some Sigma Art lenses can become loose in the rear barrel, just above the rear bayonet. This starts out as a little bit of play and can become a worrying wobble. We have seen this appear on a wide range of the Sigma Art lenses including the popular 50mm f1.4 Art DG HSM, 35mm f1.4 Art DG HSM and 135mm f1.8 Art DG HSM lenses.

The cause: some internal screws have started to become loose. The solution:

  • Our expert technicians will strip the lens down from the rear bayonet until they reach these internal screws.
  • We tighten them back up after adding some thread adhesive so they will not come loose again.
  • We reassemble the lens and test that it is working with our workshop test bodies.
  • We clean the lens front and rear elements.

Sigma Lens Cleaning

Dust inside your Sigma lens is unlikely to have an impact on your images but there are some cases where cleaning your lens is recommended:
If there is a great deal of dust or fungus on your lens elements this can cause soft images. If a particularly large particle is near the rear of your lens and you are shooting at f16 or f22 it may show as a soft blob similar to sensor dust.

Cleaning dust from inside Sigma lenses

Our technicians can dismantle and clean every element of your sigma lens. We will then reassemble, test and adjust the lens to make sure all the optics are correctly aligned and the image quality reaches Sigma imaging standards.

Please note: When focusing and zooming Sigma lenses pull air in and push air out. It is not possible for our technicians to guarantee dust removal as dust is present in all environments.

Cleaning fungus from inside Sigma lenses

Lens fungus grows like a spidery web across the surface of lens elements. Sometimes it appears as a speck with tiny arms spreading out. When more developed lens fungus can cloud and obscure whole elements.

We can clean lenses that have been affected by fungus. Sometimes the fungus my have etched into the surface of the lens element so even after cleaning these marks may still be visible, although fainter than before cleaning. Replacing multiple lens elements can become expensive so our technicians may leave fungus marked elements in the lens if they are not affecting the image quality. This is to keep the cost of the service as low as possible.

Please note fungus spreads via microscopic spores. As such we cannot guarantee we can 100% eradicate fungus from your equipment.

Please Note

  • We cannot complete Sigma warranty repairs in-house.
  • We are only servicing Sigma Art lenses at the moment but may be able to complete minor repairs and grip replacements on other lenses in the range.
  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts

Check our Help Centre for more information on repair processes, estimate and turnaround times and general repair questions

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