Authorised Nikon Lens Repairs With Fixation

If you need Nikon lens repairs, let us lend a hand! Our team specialises in Nikon lenses, also known as Nikkor lenses, and whether your issue is with a Nikon F mount lens or a Nikon Z mount lens, we’ve got technicians ready to diagnose the problem and get you up and running again.

Nikon has been part of the Fixation story from its very beginning. When Mike Allen founded Fixation in 1988, he was coming from a background as a Nikon service manager, and helping professional photographers fix their Nikon gear has been in our DNA ever since. We maintain an extensive library of spare parts for Nikon cameras and lenses. We are authorised by Nikon as a repair centre for cameras, lenses and speedlight flash heads.

Everyone’s equipment needs a tune-up now and again, and Nikon lenses are no different. Issues with focusing and issues with zoom action are common problems, as is the general wear and tear on parts. So if your Nikon lens has developed a fault, get it to us pronto and we’ll fix it!

Our Nikon lens repair services

You can get your Nikon lens over to us either in person or by post (see below for more details). We can do a warranty repair if your Nikon lens is in warranty, and if not, we can conduct the repair as a simple chargeable repair – see below for a rough guide to the usual costs of lens repair.

If your Nikon lenses aren’t performing as they should, we’ll put it right. We’ll get your Nikkor 70-300mm zoom lens good as new again, tune up your 105mm prime, or sort whatever issue you’re having with your 24-85mm. We can even service many of the old manual focus lenses designed for use with Nikon film SLRs!

We only use genuine Nikon parts for our Nikon repairs, so you can be sure that we’ll get your lens working exactly as it was designed to.

Nikon Z Lens Repairs

We can repair lenses for Nikon’s Z system of professional full-frame mirrorless cameras. All repairs are completed whether it’s a quick clean, a warranty repair, or a job that requires a significant component replacement.

If you’re not sure what your lens needs, just get in touch with us and explain the issue. Our service support team will be able to offer advice on what steps to take to get your Z mount lens safely to us.

Nikon Lens Servicing And Cleaning

One thing that’s arguably more important than problem solving is problem prevention! Getting your Nikon lenses regularly cleaned and serviced is a great way to make sure they’re always fighting fit and working at full capacity.

Thanks to our in-house testing and aligning equipment, we can make sure that your lenses are absolutely pixel-perfect and pin-sharp – which is all the more important in the days of ultra-high resolution sensors. All our cleaning products and repair tools are Nikon-approved.

Focus Calibration

It’s absolutely critical for professional photographers that their autofocus is working correctly at all times. Sensors carry a lot of megapixels these days, and even a small focusing issue can mean the difference between a nailed shot and an unusable one. That’s why it pays to check for calibration issues – even minor ones.

At Fixation, we provide servicing and repair for Nikon lens focusing issues, including focus calibration. As a matter of course, we test every lens we receive, and if we discover any issues we can adjust the AF fine-tuning with using Fo-Cal calibration software. As a standard part of our repair procedure, we will also send you a full focus performance report with complete details of any adjustments we’ve made.

Want to know more about our autofocus calibration service? You can find more details here.

Lens Cleaning Service

Lens cleaning is a vital part of our lens servicing procedure. We’ll clean the rear and front elements of your Nikon lens to remove dust, smears or any other particles compromising image quality. We only use cleaning substances approved by Nikon, meaning the clean won’t damage or compromise any of the sensitive lens coatings.

You can also clean your lens yourself. Use a few specialist lens tissues and a dedicated lens cleaner, and remember to be gentle!

Common Nikon Lens Issues

We’ve repaired a lot of Nikon lenses since 1988! And while lens technology has developed and changed over the years, there are certain issues we’ve learned to look out for. Here are some of the more common Nikon lens issues you might encounter.

Stop screw coming loose

There’s a small 2mm screw tucked into the side of all Nikkor lenses. It’s designed to stop the lens from over-turning when it’s attached to the camera, however it can sometimes work itself loose and fall out.

If it’s not there, it’s easy to over-turn the lens and bend the aperture coupling lever in the camera – a problem you will inevitably exacerbate when you realise the issue and try to remove the lens! A bent lever can cause problems setting aperture, and damage other lenses attached to the camera, so it’s good to make sure this doesn’t happen.

It’s a good idea to periodically check all your lenses to see if the screw is still present – if it’s not, you can get the lens to us for an easy fix. Another good habit to get into us to avoid pressing the lens-release button when mounting your lens, as this will make it impossible to over-turn your lens even if the screw isn’t in place.

See our blog for more on this issue.

VR stabilisation unit problems

Many professional Nikon lenses use the VR (Vibration Reduction) image stabilisation system. This is a technologically sophisticated system, so it can break down from time to time, and we do commonly see lenses in the workshop that need their stabilisation systems repaired.

A good way to take care of your lens’s VR system is to always wait a few seconds after turning off the camera before removing the lens. This allows the elements to lock in place – in some lenses you’ll hear this happen with an audible click – and prevents damage being caused by them moving around.

See our blog for more on this issue.

Repair Process For Nikon Lenses

There are two ways to get your Nikon lens to us for repair. You can either drop it off in person or send it in the post!

If you’re near London, Manchester or Leeds, you can visit our workshops in person to drop off your lens. Visit the service desk any time during opening hours, and the team will take down a few details from you, such as the model of your lens and the nature of the issue you’re having. The team will then take your lens and give you a receipt. Depending on the seriousness of the fault, lenses handed in at Manchester or Leeds may be sent to London for repair.

The other option if visiting isn’t convenient is to post us your lens. We recommend packing lenses in a strong box with at least 2 inches (5cm) of padding on every side – the last thing you want is for your lens to incur further damage due to rough treatment by postal workers! We recommend using a tracked and insured postal service such as Royal Mail or UPS. If you like, we can arrange a courier collection or a pre-paid delivery label – just specify when you fill out our online repair form.

When your lens reaches us, we’ll get it booked in (usually on the same day) and email you a receipt confirming the item(s) we’ve received and the nature of the repairs requested. The team will make a note of any observations about the condition of the lens, as well.

On our online repair form, you can request to receive an estimate before any work begins. If you’ve asked for an estimate, the team will test and inspect the lens to determine the nature of the fault and the work required to fix it. Once this is done, we’ll email you an estimated quote for the repair. We won’t start work until you reply to give us the okay, so keep an eye out for the email!

To speed things along, you can also set a price limit. This involves giving us a maximum amount a repair can cost without us needing to confirm it with you. If the repair looks like it’s going to cost more than the amount you’ve specified, we’ll get in touch to check you’re okay with the cost before proceeding.

Please Note

  • Unfortunately, we cannot repair Nikon compact cameras, either film or digital models, including Nikon’s Coolpix range.
  • Parts for ALL Nikon scanners are becoming scarce and we will not be able to repair these for much longer. We are unable to repair the LS-4500 multi-format scanner.
  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts.

Click here for more information on our repair processes, estimate and turnaround times and general repair questions


You certainly can! See above for more information on how best to post lenses to us – remember to pack them well.

Yes, all repairs of Nikon lenses at our workshop are guaranteed for six months.

Currently this is not a service we can offer. Repairing a pair of binoculars requires a tool for setting and matching the alignment of the left and right optics, which we don’t have at the workshop at the moment. If you have binoculars that need repair, it’s best to send them to Nikon directly.

Yes – we are authorized by Nikon to handle the company’s warranty repairs for both F mount DSLR lenses and Z mount mirrorless lenses.

No – if you’re happy to leave us to it, simply don’t request an estimate on the online repair form.

We have a lot of Nikon parts, as well as Nikon lens accessories, and we can supply certain parts. We would say that it is always best to leave a repair to professionals rather than attempting it yourself unless you are very confident that you know what you’re doing.

Yes, our Nikon lens repairs are guaranteed for six months.

We absolutely do – it’s how our business was founded. Head to our Nikon camera repair page for more information.

Due to how easy it is for dust to get into the body of Nikon camera when you change lenses or even when you use a zoom lens, we cannot guarantee our sensor cleaning.

Nikon automatic sensor cleaning is an option within the camera that shakes the CMOS sensor to dislodge dust. Stubborn spots of oil, sticky particles such as pollen and fingerprints do not shake off the CMOS sensor so easily and professional cleaning is recommended.

Our whole business is centred around getting professional photographers’ gear fixed as quickly and affordably as possible. Our prices are flexible, meaning we’ll only charge you for the work that needs doing and for the needs of your specific lens. If you need to get back in the field without delay, get your lens to us.

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