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AquaTech Arrives at Fixation

Fixation is proud to announce its official status as the sole repairer of AquaTech products in Europe

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For those who shoot in wet, windy and challenging environments, AquaTech products are an essential. The range includes underwater sport housings that allow cameras to be submerged; soft blimps that minimise background noise for shooting video on location, and soft covers that protect delicate gear from the worst of the weather – all a must for the intrepid photographer and videographer.

Even gear as rugged as AquaTech’s will need a tune-up once in a while. And that’s where Fixation can help. We’re hugely pleased to announce that Fixation has been appointed as the only official European service centre for AquaTech products.

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How Fixation partnered with AquaTech

AquaTech cares deeply about maintaining the quality of its products, and becoming the official service centre with access to parts and products is a serious matter. Fortunately, Fixation had an advantage in the form of workshop manager and qualified diver, Mick Edwards.

‘I sent them an email explaining I’m a diver and therefore have a good understanding of the specifications involved,’ Mick says. ‘We chatted on FaceTime and it escalated from there.’

After further discussions Mick was invited to California to experience the AquaTech organisation in action and thus start Fixation on the road to becoming the official european agent.

‘They put me on the production line which was hugely insightful,’ Mick says. ‘The easiest way to show somebody how to do something is throw them in at the deep end – no pun intended! It was full-on though, definitely not a holiday!’


Mick (centre-left) with the AquaTech team in California

It may not have been relaxing, but it was time well spent – following Mick’s trip, Fixation is officially AquaTech-certified.


AquaTech at Fixation

While sound blimps are popular in the UK and are frequently spotted on film sets (Fixation has serviced three in the past couple of weeks alone), the housings are often used in the kind of wind and kite-surfing photography popular in Europe, so these are sent to us too.

Fixation is fully equipped to deal with the complete range of AquaTech products – from the housings to flash domes and sound blimps.  We maintain a good stock of common spare parts and have a pressure tank to ensure equipment will be water-tight at depth.

It’s an exciting world and we’re thrilled to be part of it.

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For more about AquaTech, visit their website:


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