Fixation | Official Fujifilm Service Centre

Fixation | Official Fujifilm Service Centre

Fujifilm have today launched the Fujifilm Professional Service (FPS) and we’re proud to announce we will be an official Service & Support Centre, working in conjunction with Fujifilm to offer benefits to FPS members.


With the increasing numbers of professional photographers switching to Fuji mirrorless cameras like the X-Pro2 and X-T2, and also with the launch of the GFX medium format mirrorless system in March 2017, there is an increasing need to offer support to these photographers in a similar vein to services offered by Nikon & Canon.

As Fuji products have evolved and are now widely used by professional photographers, it is a natural development that Fixation should be able to offer service support for Fuji products. We are also proud to be a key supporter of the FPS programme. Fixation General Manager

The scheme is open to working photographers who own either a GFX system or at least 2 professional X system bodies and 3 XF lenses. Membership to FPS will be offered free of charge for the first 2 years.

Paul Stewart, long time Fixation customer and professional press photographer, switched to Fuji over a year ago and hasn’t looked back. ” I’m delighted to hear that Fixation will be the London Support Centre for FPS. It’s something I’ve been asking Fuji for and I’m glad they listened!”

3-fuji-cameras-compressorFujifilm’s GFX, X-Pro2 & X-T1 models have been well received by professional photographers

Mick Edwards, Fixation’s Technical Manager will be heading up the Fuji service department: “We’re very excited to take on Fuji as an authorised service centre, allowing us to support our customers as we’ve always done.”

FPS members will be able to take advantage of while-you-wait sensor cleaning, cosmetic repairs and loan stock if equipment has to be sent away for more extensive repair.

For more information on which models we can service, click here.

For details on how to join the FPS, see Fujifilm’s page here

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