Customer Service

Anthony joined Fixation in 2021 as an amateur photographer with a long history in various customer service roles. He has worked for very small companies like a family-run Jamaican takeaway to large ones, such as John Lewis.

Anthony is a true South-London native, born just down the road at St.Thomas’ hospital. Living and working in and around the capital has given him plenty of life experience. Anthony can remember number-sequences, names, dates, faces, post codes, and even birthdays. Just don’t ask him to pick up anything from the shop because he’ll forget after 5 minutes. Weird, right?

Being a father to a daughter is Anthony’s proudest achievement. He is a marketing graduate with a passion for football (Arsenal, if you were wondering), tech, travelling, financial wellbeing, and everything Jamaican. In his spare time, he also runs a music blog on Instagram, which covers rap (including sub genres), dancehall and R&B.

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