Customer Service

Gustavo, a Brazilian native, was born and raised in Brazil, surrounded by the vibrant culture and scenic beauty of his homeland. However, his adventurous spirit and yearning to explore the world led him to embark on a new chapter of his life in London in 2014. With wide-eyed enthusiasm and a desire to witness the wonders of the world first hand, Gustavo quickly earned himself the nickname “the travel agent” among his co-workers. His extensive travels have taken him to various corners of the globe, allowing him to immerse himself in diverse cultures, experience breath-taking landscapes, and forge connections with people from all walks of life. Gustavo’s passion for travel shines through in his interactions with others, making him a go-to person for travel tips and recommendations for anyone planning their next holiday. In June 2022, Gustavo joined the dynamic team at Fixation, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his previous role at Mercedes Benz, where he was part of the customer service team. His time at Mercedes Benz honed his skills in providing exceptional customer service, and he seamlessly transitioned into his role at Fixation, where he continues to excel in delivering top-notch service to clients.

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