Service Manager

For the low-down on Mick’s history at Fixation we need to go back a few short years to 1982 when Mick was a teenager working for KJP.  It was here he met Mike Allen and when Mike decided to start his own repair company, he took little Mick along too.  It certainly hasn’t been a short-term career as Mick has been with Fixation ever since and now manages the Canon, Profoto, Aquatech and Fuji repairs.  Mick is known, in no small way, for his sense of humour.  He has no shortage of low-brow jokes and tall tales, although not always appreciated by his long-suffering colleagues. Mick enjoys motorbikes, but his big passion is for Scuba-diving.  He organises his own club and instructs too, certainly no small feat.  Keeping things compact, we’d finish by saying that what Mick lacks in height, he makes up for in personality.  Hopefully this comment won’t go over his head.

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