Sony Alpha Pro Showcase

Try the latest Sony Alpha cameras including the new Sony A7R V 61 megapixel powerhouse with the full E-Mount lens range on Tuesday 6th December. This is a great opportunity to try the full Sony range and find out what works for you and your practice whether you’re shooting stills or video, a traveller or studio-based.

Save the date 6th December – we are finalising the programme for the day and will set up booking soon.


Experts from Sony will bring the latest releases including the A7R V. At our events we also have a wide range of full frame and APS-C cameras and lenses to try. The Sony continue to be disruptors in the professional photography and video markets, the A1, A7R mark IV, A9 mark II and A7s mark III have all been received with high praise worldwide. Sony E-mount lens range is always growing with professional standard native prime, and zoom, lenses available in the Sony G-Master range.


Consult with experts on each brand and work with our sales team to get the best deals on the day. Thinking of switching systems ? We can evaluate your current kit for trade-in and provide extra discounts for purchases on the day. Bring your current cameras and lenses in for a free trade-in valuation to find out how much you could save on an upgrade when you trade in your existing kit.

The current Sony Alpha mirrorless lineup

Sony have a wide array of camera lines within the world of full frame mirrorless cameras (and even more in its APS-C crop sensor cameras) so you may well wonder – Which is the one for me?

The high resolution A7R range is now up to its fifth version. These “R series” cameras focus on the highest pixel count possible to render fine detail for high resolution printing. The current model, the A7R V, has a 61 megapixel sensor and is a popular landscape camera witht he processing power of a versatile all-rounder. The A7R V is ideal for events as well as finding a home in product, fashion and commercial photography both in studios ands on location.

Sony Alpha 7, or a7 cameras are all full-frame mirrorless bodies now up to the fourth iteration. These bodies combine the best tech with a standard resolution sensor for solid all-round photography and video performance. The A7 IV is the latest Alpha or “a” 7 series camera body.

For video and extreme low-light sensitivity the A7S line is for you. Now up to the third model these cameras have comparatively low 12 megapixel full frame sensors but get the maximum readout possible from each pixel for superior high ISO performance and the lower resolution speeds up processing for high bitrate full frame 4k video: Find out about the A7S III.

The A7C is a compact A7 body, if small and light is your main aim the A7C packs A7 tech into a remarkably bijoux package. The A7C is the first of its kind and launched in September 2020.

The a9 and a9 II are full frame high speed camera bodies with features for press and sports photographers such as built in ethernet port for filing images over FTP direct to a picture desk. These cameras have high maximum frame rates and fast autofocus tracking. Find out more here.

Last but by no means least the Sony a1 combines high resolution with high speed for phenomenal 50.1 megapixel images record at 30 frames per second with no blackout in the viewfinder. This considerable chunk of tech is the new Sony flagship camera body which launched in March this year. Find out more about the Sony alpha One.

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