Tips & Tricks | The importance of a UV filter image

Tips & Tricks | The importance of a UV filter

I’m sure we all recognise the importance of keeping a UV or protector filter on our lenses, but judging by the number of scratched front elements we see in our workshop every week, it looks like some photographers believe in living dangerously.

It can sometimes feel like a hard-sell when the salesman suggests you part with even more money on top of the considerable amount you’ve just handed over for your lovely new glass, but there’s a good reason for it…

Fixation lens care advice

This 12-24mm ƒ/4 Nikkor arrived recently looking rather sorry for itself and an accidental drop. Luckily the filter had taken the brunt and the front element was untouched, so £40 for a new filter and the customer was happily on their way, rather than spending around £275 to have a new front element fitted.

Oh, and another £40 for a filter, in case the lens attempted to defy gravity again!

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