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Secondhand Equipment

We stock a wide range of good quality secondhand equipment. All items are thoroughly checked and tested by our in-house technicians before being offered for sale, and are backed up with a 12 month warranty.

We offer a trade-in program for customers wishing to upgrade their equipment. The value and acceptability of equipment depends on condition and our current stock holding. Speak to our sales team for more information.

On second-hand items, when applicable, VAT is calculated under the VAT Margin Scheme, as defined by HM Revenue & Customs. Under this scheme VAT is not shown separately.

Our experts have been appraising, grading, cameras, lenses, and accessories for many years. Each individual piece of equipment receives a quality rating after a thorough inspection process by our technicians. Grades are based on cosmetic attributes and not on functionality, as all equipment is guaranteed to work as intended unless otherwise noted.

Fixation Rating guide:

GradeUsed Condition
10Preowned equipment, but appears as new
9+Nearly new
9Very little signs of use
9-Shows light signs of use
8Shows signs of use
7Shows moderate wear and signs of use
6Well used – may exhibit heavy scuffs and/or marking

For more information or to purchase any of the items listed, please get in touch with our sales department on 020 7582 3294 or email