Nikon Announce the AFS 70-200mm f2.8 FL image

Nikon Announce the AFS 70-200mm f2.8 FL

On October 19th Nikon Announced an update to their workhorse telephoto zoom: the AFS 70-200mm fƒ/2.8 FL. Lighter and sharper than any before.

The new Nikon AFS 70-200mm fƒ/2.8 FLThe versatile focal range and bright, constant fƒ/2.8 aperture has made the 70-200mm a go-to lens for anyone shooting sports, wedding, press and more. Here are the highlights of the new design:

Flourite Elements

Optical elements made from Flourite effectively block the secondary spectrum which is a major cause of chromatic aberrations. The FL element is towards the front of the lens, Flourite is lighter than optical glass so this brings the centre of gravity back towards the camera body for easier handling.

Lighter Components

Nikon has used Flourite, above, and magnesium alloy parts to keep the lens weight as low as possible. This new release is 110g lighter than the previous model.

Zoom Control

The zoom ring has moved to the front of the lens, spreading your grip from the camera to the end of the lens offering better balance and stability. This layout keeps the zoom control in-hand while placing your hand as far forward as possible for smooth tracking and panning of moving subjects.

Electronic Aperture

The new electromagnetic aperture design, as seen in Nikon’s recent super-telephoto lens releases, responds faster and more consistently than the older aperture lever design. This will give better exposure consistency when shooting high speed bursts (ideal for sports and weddings) and allow for smoother aperture changes when shooting video.

We hope to see the first shipment of lenses in November. Call our sales team on 0207 582 3294 or email for the latest availability news and to add your name to our order book.


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