Canon RF 14-35mm f4L IS USM Lens

The Canon RF 14-35mm f4L IS USM is a new L series zoom lens in the Canon RF range, with a little bit extra at the wide angle. The perfect compliment to the mirrorless EOS R system and a nice alternative to heavier f/2.8 zoom lenses.

The Canon RF 14-35mm f4L IS is £1,749 To pre-order contact our sales team on 0207 582 3294 or email us at

The Canon RF 14-35mm f4 L IS USM, left, and a diagram showing the L series dust and moisture seals, right.

Ideal for Architecture, Travel and landscape photography this lens adds an extra 2mm on the wide end vs it EF equivalent the EF 16-35mm f4L IS USM. 14mm provides a much wider angle of view than 16mm: 104° Vs 98° angle of view respectively.

Compact constant f4 aperture

It’s not just the extra-wide angle that makes this lens great for travel and every-day shooting. The f4.0 aperture has allowed a much more compact lens design than if this lens had been built as an f/2.8. The optics are smaller which reduces the weight and size of the lens. In case the F4 aperture is not bright enough to keep your shutter speeds high, the RF 14-35mm f4L IS USM has a 5.5 stop image stabilisation system which will give plenty of tolerance for shooting sharp images hand-held. The IS benefits increase to 7 stops when used with an EOS R system camera with IBIS.

Rugged L series design

Canon L lenses are famous in photography and for good reason. They have long set a benchmark for professional reliability and durability. The RF 14-35mm f4L IS USM lens is no different, pictured above is the weather and dust sealing points to keep you lens operating in challenging conditions. The lens also features a lens control ring that can be customised to adjust ISO, aperture or exposure compensation without taking a hand away from the lens.

Our sales team have years of experience helping photographers find the right kit for them. To pre-order contact our sales team on 0207 582 3294 or email us at The Canon RF 14-35mm f4L IS is £1,749


Nikon Z fc

The Nikon Z fc is a mirrorless DX crop-sensor camera built to the dimensions and style of the iconic Nikon FM2 film camera from the early 1980s.
This very nice little camera has launched with a tasty 21 megapixel sensor and full AF tracking capability you would expect from a modern Nikon digital camera including Eye and Animal AF tracking for stills and video.

The Nikon Z fc body-only is £899 sales are expected to start in July. To pre-order contact our sales team on 0207 582 3294 or email us at

The Nikon Z fc DX mirrorless camera
The Controls

The top cover of the Nikon Z fc has three control dials on the top cover for direct access to exposure compensation, shutter speed and ISO. There is also a display for the aperture read-out and some nifty switches such as on/off, stills / video and an M / A / S / P / Auto selector.
With this array of direct access controls on the top cover and a pedantic mind-set, we reached for some analogue Nikon tech and would contend that the design resembles more a Nikon FE which had exposure compensation and ISO on a separate dial to shutter speed. Have a look at the pictures below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Top cover comparison. Clockwise from top: Nikon Zfc, Nikon FM2n, Nikon FE
Video as well as stills

Despite its heritage look, the Nikon Z fc is a thoroughly modern camera inside with 4k no-crop video recording (the sensor is already a DX crop for stills), higher frame rates for slow-motion, and a wide ISO range of 100-51,200 (extendable to higher levels if needed). There is also a constant focus mode AF-F just for video for smooth tracking of moving subjects during recording.

Lenses and compatibility

All Z series Nikkor lenses are compatible with the Nikon Z fc. Nikon launched two lenses with the Nikon Z fc with some silver retro styling a dedicated DX 16-50mm and a special edition full frame FX 28mm f/2.8 prime lens.
In addition all G series F-mount Nikkor lenses can be used with the Nikon FTZ mount adaptor. The DX cropped sensor may give different results if you are used to shooting full-frame FX format. Full frame lenses on a DX body have a 1.5x crop factor so a 35mm lens will give an angle of view of a 52.5mm lens.

Nikon Z fc exploded view with an F-mount lens and the FTZ mount adaptor

Pre-G lenses such as Nikkor AF-D and manual AF-I lenses are not compatible with the FTZ adaptor.

Vari-angle Rear TFT monitor

The Rear TFT monitor can be set in multiple positions for waist-level, overhead and selfie shooting. It can also be folded to face inwards taking the rear monitor out of the equation for some authentic, distraction free analogue-esque camera operating (it also keeps the screen safe from scratches).

Monitor options for the Nikon Zfc variable angles and closed.

When the screen is set to faces in the same direction as the lens the camera will automatically enter “self-portrait mode” this gives touch control on the screen for shooting or starting / stopping recording.

With the screen front facing the camera automatically enters Self-portrait mode.
SnapBridge Connectivity

The Nikon Z fc is compatible with SnapBridge v2.8 which allows direct transfer of images to the SnapBridge app on Apple and Android devices. There are two SnapBridge options:
• Foreground transfer where images are only transferred while the app is in use
• Background transfer which constantly backs up images and video to a connected device

Our Verdict

For anyone starting out in photography this camera will give you all you need and more. With the accessible, tactile controls for the key settings in photography, the Nikon Z fc may get you out of auto mode faster than starting in other models.

The Nikon Z fc fits a lot of great functions into an attractive, compact design, at a great price. A Nikon digital camera that feels like an FM2 in size will have a huge appeal. We have seen many Nikon analogue cameras through our doors for repairs and servicing and know that the FM2 and FE cameras are well loved by the film community. Analogue style controls are popular already in Nikon with the DSLR Df and outside of Nikon in the popular Fujifilm X system.

A possible drawback is that the camera only sports a DX sensor not the full-frame FX. Lovers of wide-angle photography will have to reach for even wider lenses than they usually would to achieve the angle of view they expect. However DX sensors give an advantage to sport and wildlife photographers who gain extra reach from their long lenses thanks to the crop.

Our sales team have years of experience helping photographers find the right kit for them. If you have any questions or would like to place an order please call us on 0207 582 3294 or email

Nikon Z fc Prices and Kits
  • Nikon Z fc body only – £899
  • Nikon Z fc kit with Z 28mm f/2.8 SE – £1,129
  • Nikon Z fc with Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 kit – £1,039
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