SONY A1 Camera

The Sony A1 is a high resolution, high speed, mirrorless camera body with some impressive headline specifications and some remarkable technology under the bonnet. Built for professional photographers and videographers the A1 has something to suit photographers covering everything from weddings to wildlife via sports, portraits and news. Whether used for stills, video or both, there are features that will appeal to everyone.

Sony A1 Features

The Sony A1 specification exceeds any expectation of what a flagship camera body can offer. Sony has thrown out the notion of a trade off between shooting speed and resolution by combining a 50 megapixel sensor and a burst rate of 30 frames per second.

50.1 Megapixel Sensor

The high resolution sensor allows photographers to crop into their images without sacrificing detail. The sensor feeds in to an upgraded BIONZ XR image processor with eight times the processing power of the BIONZ X engines in previous Sony bodies. The 50.1 megapixel sensor exceeds the requirement for 8k video recording (which is 33.1 megapixels in photography-talk).

30 frames per second blackout-free continuous shooting

The impressive processing power of the camera is able to record 50 megapixel images at 30 frames per second while delivering a constant feed of image information to the electronic viewfinder so that you can view your composition throughout shooting. With the capacity to record high resolution still images at 30fps the Sony A1 can also record 8K 30p video and lower resolution 4K 120p for slow-motion.

Fast sensor readout for high speed AF and AE

The new sensor and processor enables 120 AF/AE calculations per second even while recording images at 30 frames per second. This means the Sony A1 will continuously track subjects and can adjust for flickering artificial lighting steadily, while taking a burst of photographs. To put this in context this is twice as responsive as the Sony A9 II camera body, the high speed camera lunched by Sony at the end of 2019. The Real-time Eye AF for humans and animals is improved, and a new Realtime Eye AF for birds has been added to the AF system.

High speed electronic and mechanical shutter

Sony have improved features in both their mechanical and electronic shutter systems. The electronic shutter provides silent and vibration-free shooting. Both the electronic and mechanical shutter offer anti-flicker shooting. For the first time in the Sony Alpha series the electronic shutter is compatible with flash synchronisation up to a sync speed of 1/200th sec. The mechanical shutter synchronises up to 1/400th sec, faster than any other full-frame digital camera.

Connectivity: Wi Fi, Ethernet and SuperSpeed USB

Filing your images, or transmitting footage is fast with a variety of connection options. Sports photographers working in press centres can file images via 1000BASE-T Ethernet LAN connection direct from camera. If you are on the move you can use built-in WiFi to send files from the camera. High Speed USB Type-C connection allows tethered shooting to a PC for smooth transfer of large files.

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