Sony have added a 50mm f/1.2 lens to their G Master stable of full frame lenses. With a fast maximum aperture of f1.2 this 50mm lens will deliver beautiful bokeh and shallow depth of field to isolate your subject from the background, ideal for portraiture.

The Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM is £2099 including VAT. To get your name in our order book contact our sales team on 0207 582 3294 or email

Lens Features

With three XA (Extreme Aspherical) elements the FE 50mm f1.2 GM controls the light even when shooting wide open for excellent image quality from corner to corner.

Smooth Bokeh

Sony use eleven curved aperture blades in their lens design to give a circular aperture. This offers the smooth defocus effects for objects in front of and behind your subject.

Nano AR Coating II

This optical coating from Sony dramatically reduces flare and ghosting even when shooting backlit subjects and under bright sunlight. You can rely on the Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM to deliver clear images with excellent contrast in all shooting conditions thanks to this lens coating technology.

Fast Autofocus with Four XD linear motors

Four motors drive the heavy f/1.2 optical elements for rapid focusing and tracking. This high level of responsiveness is a great benefit for a lens with a shallow depth of field. The focus speed will also be a benefit for tracking focus for video.

Professional build quality

Sony G Master lenses are made for professional use. The FE 50mm f1.2 GM features dust and moisture sealing for indoor and outdoor use. The lens also has intuitive controls such as an aperture control ring and programmable buttons for rapid control or access to menu options. You can adapt this lens to suit your working style.

Close focusing with a wide field of view

A minimum focus distance of 40cm lets you capture details with a wide angle of view for a more dynamic perspective in close up shots. Ideal for adding the environment in to detail images that would be lost with a longer telephoto lens. This is a feature seen on Sony’s last G Master lens release the FE 35mm f1.4 GM.

The current lineup of Sony G Master prime lenses

A 50mm G Master lens from Sony was never a case of if? but when? This new announcement fills the gap between the existing 35mm and 85mm f1.4 G Master lenses, the prime lens range is listed in full below. To see a wider range of options for Sont full frame mirrorless cameras view our guide to Sony lenses.

  • FE 24mm f1.4 GM
  • FE 35mm f1.4 GM 
  • FE 50mm f1.2 GM
  • FE 85mm f1.4 GM
  • FE 100mm f2.8 STF GM OSS
  • FE 135mm f1.8 GM
  • FE 400mm f2.8 GM OSS
  • FE 600mm f4.0 GM OSS

The Sony FE 50mm f1.2 GM is £2099 including VAT. To get your name in our order book contact our sales team on 0207 582 3294 or email

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