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Workshop | Nikon D810 repair

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in replacing the front body on a DSLR?

Chris, one of our experienced Nikon technicians, spends his time working on pro and semi-pro bodies and lenses. This D810 landed on his desk recently and Chris was kind enough to let us bolt a camera to his desk so we could film him in action.

The video shows the disassembly of the camera, fitting the replacement part and re-assembly. Following this, the camera would have been cleaned, calibrated and given a sensor clean.


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  1. Steve Rickman

    Impressive stuff, and very interesting, as I use an 810…. I’m told unlike my D700 the lens mounting bayonet is screwed into plastic on the D810 which is a little worrying for a pro camera! But at least it’s reassuring that you have the knowledge to replace them. Great Work again👍

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