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Tips & Tricks | Don’t leave cameras in the sun

Here’s a slightly obscure, but valid tip from one of our workshop managers.

We often hear about the dangers of looking at the sun through a lens; the magnification factor of the lens can produce a lot of heat and you run the risk of damaging your eyesight.

This Canon EOS 7D Mk II was left for a few hours with its (lenscap-less) lens pointing towards the sun, and when the unsuspecting user removed his lens, he had quite a shock!

Luckily there was no damage to the sensor, but the mirror box needed replacing to the tune of £350. If this had been a mirrorless camera, the damage could have been significantly worse – with no mirror or shutter to protect the sensor.

So the moral is, either make sure you leave a lenscap on at all times, or better still, don’t leave your camera in the sun!

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