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Tips & Tricks | Equipment storage

Polypropylene, or ‘Peli’ cases are a great solution for transporting camera gear and offer substantial impact protection along with waterproofing.

However, many of us make the mistake of storing our kit in these boxes when we get back from the shoot and that’s really not a good idea.

Peli case with equipment

Moisture, however slight, will naturally collect on your equipment and once the lid is closed on your protective case, the moisture will have nowhere to evaporate and can cause fungus to grow in lenses and the viewfinder of your DSLR.

Silica gel sachetsKeeping a few sachets of silica gel in the box will certainly help absorb some of this moisture, but these sachets are only effective for around 6 months, and to be fair, do you really know how long you’ve had those tatty packets in your case?

The golden rule then, is to store your kit in camera bags and only use the cases when you’re transporting gear.



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