Nikon Z9 camera

Nikon has launched its new full frame flagship mirrorless camera body: The Z9

The Nikon Z9 combines high resolution, high speed and high performance video in a robust body which exceeds the specification of the flagship DSLR the Nikon D6.

Nikon Z9 the new flagship Nikon digital camera.The Nikon Z9: £5,299

Our sales team are taking pre-orders. To put your name down or to talk through more details call us on 0207 582 3294 or email

High Resolution plus High Speed

The sensor in the Nikon Z9 is a stacked 45.7 megapixel full frame CMOS chip protected with a dual anti-dust coating and a sensor shield which drops down to cover the sensor when the camera is off.

Nikon Z9 features dual CFexpress type B card slots which are back compatible with XQD cards.

For speed the camera can shoot up to 20fps at full resolution RAW to capture over 1000 shots in a continuous burst. That’s over 50 seconds of your finger held down on the shutter button. To facilitate shifting such high-res files at high speed the Z9 has an Expeed7 imaging processor which writes to a Dual CFexpress type B card slot.

If 20fps is not enough you can shoot faster with a compromise in resolution: 30fps is possible at 45 megapixels. An astonishing full frame 120fps is also an option however the resolution is cut to 11 megapixels but it could help you catch a fleeting once in a lifetime moment.

Filing your images fast is also essential for photographers working to a deadline so the Nikon Z9 has Ethernet connection and USB typeC output for high speed file transfer. A USB cable can be connected direct to a mobile phone to help you file images without a laptop – ideal for events where you are always on the move.

Autofocus tracking for ultra high speed shooting

Nikon tracking AF is remarkable and focusing directly on the imaging sensor gives the Z series mirrorless cameras an edge in reliability. The Nikon Z9 offers 9 programmed subjects and can switch between them automatically depending on the scene or can be set to look out for and lock on to a specific subject.

The Nikon AF deep learning algorithm can detect: People, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Motorcycles, Cars, Trains and Aeroplanes. Nikon Eye-AF has been enhanced to lock onto smaller eyes in the frame than ever before to lock on to and track subjects within a scene. If the system loses a lock on an eye it will default to head and torso tracing until it can detect a face again, ideal for tracking subjects with erratic movement such as football, rugby or dance.

Nikon 3D tracking AF program is available in a mirrorless camera for the first time. The Z9 adds 3D subject tracking which uses colour, contrast and subject distance to improve subject acquisition. This flagship feature has been a feature of the D4, D5 and D6 and will be a great asset in the mirrorless Z9.

Video Specifications: 8K recording for hours

The Nikon Z9 has been designed with advanced heat dissipation to allow 8K UHD video at 30p to be recorded for 125 minutes recording in camera.

4K UHD, the current accessible video standard, can be recorded at 120p, 60p or 30p and as there is no frame cropping you can switch between frame rates and maintain the same angle of view for consistent cuts into and out of slow-motion footage.

Video can be recorded in Nikon proprietary N-Log, HLG in 10bit. The Z9 also supports ProRes 422 HQ.

With a firmware update the 8K video potential is further increased to 8k 60p 12bit RAW in-camera.


The Nikon Z9: £5,299

Our sales team are taking pre-orders. To put your name down or to talk through more details call us on 0207 582 3294 or email

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