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Tips & Tricks | Keeping your sensor clean

As we’re all painfully aware, dust is the bane of all DSLR photographers and it seems that no matter how careful you are when changing lenses, those annoying specks will appear when you’re least expecting it.

We do, of course, offer a professional while-you-wait sensor cleaning service, but here’s a handy tip that will help keep the dust at bay in between professional cleans.

Attach a double-sided sticky tab on the inside of your body cap and rear lens cap. If any large pieces of errant dust are floating around on the back of your lens, or in the mirror box, they will stick to the tab and not the sensor.

Be careful not to use high-tack sticky tape or you’ll have issues removing it from the inside of your cap when it needs changing. Here at Fixation we only use special low-tack discs.

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